Global IP case data and analytics at your fingertips.

Finding and analyzing global IP case data for trademarks, patents, designs and models, copyrights, domain names and unfair competition is easier than you think. Discover how.

Darts-ip’s global IP case law data is indexed, available digitally and easily searchable. Our team of experts read and codify complex legal information in each document.

For the legal analysis, we classify cases based on our exclusive point of law legal taxonomy. For each of the 11 harmonized legal zones, we have over 300 possible legal “points of law” for patent cases and 350 possible legal points for trademark cases.

Maximize the value of IP assets, minimize risk.

9 949 842 decisions have been analyzed to date, the equivalent to more than 10 million pages of legal text.

Rely on Darts-ip to help you efficiently make better legal decisions, identify new opportunities and build winning strategies.

AI-powered algorithms capture critical data.

Using AI and machine learning tools, we extract key data points from every case. Our smart tools simpify complex and time-consuming tasks. From connecting related cases and verifying patent ownership data to refining industry classifications. Darts-ip gives you enhanced insights and saves you time.

Gain a clear picture.

Our unique data set, combined with years of sorting out complex issues offers you a clear overview of IP issues worldwide. From prosecutors and litigators to R&D professionals, our unique data, analytics and expertise help companies around the world win cases, optimize strategies and spot trends.

Data we capture:

  • Date
  • Court
  • Parties
  • Outcomes
  • Types of action
  • Standard legal concepts
  • and more

Our Data Coverage as of January 2023

We have various type of coverage on cases around the world.

Optimal coverage High coverage Average coverage Building coverage

Complete or best coverage available. Full search capabilities as decisions have been analysed.

High number of cases covered. Legal analysis underway and hence mainly non-legal search options available.

Average number of cases collected. Mostly searchable with free text search field. Analysis started for some countries.

Collection of cases started. Free-text searching criteria available as analysis in most cases is not sufficient yet.

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Global IP case data and analytics

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