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Guide your commercial strategy with instantaneous insight into prescribing trends and treatment pathways within primary and secondary care settings

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Real-world insight into rapidly evolving market dynamics 


Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the European market landscape, patient behavior, and prescribing habits requires a significant investment of time and resources to access, normalize and analyze various sources of real world data, delaying the success of drug launches.

Clarivate Patient Data Intelligence is a self-service platform that provides instantaneous insight into patient care, dispensing, and prescribing trends across key European markets and care settings.

Clarivate Patient Data Intelligence provides structured, longitudinal and actionable insights you need to evaluate brand positioning with speed and certainty.

Transform insights into actions

Transform insights into actions

  1. Identify key stakeholders that can influence your brand success
    Click through intuitive visualizations to pinpoint physician specialties in hospitals that are most frequently prescribing your treatment and competitors’ treatment
  2. Evaluate the competitive landscape to establish a robust launch strategy
    Analyze differences between patient characteristics, dispensing and prescribing volumes across brands, regions, and diseases within seconds
  3. Address patient compliance issues for improved brand position
    Assess the extent of compliance issues and evaluate treatment burden in primary and secondary care settings, all within a single workflow
Greater visibility in less time

Greater visibility in less time

  1. High-value insight into hospital care
    Get clarity on patient attrition patterns and specialty prescribing habits with the most comprehensive and longitudinal insight into German hospital care
  2. Fast, simple and intuitive user experience
    Reduce time needed to process, analyze and evaluate various real world data sources with self-service platform that allows to seamlessly filter, import and export insights tailored to your needs
  3. Broad market reach
    Capture a complete view of market trends and patient behavior with aggregated, anonymized data from community pharmacies and hospitals in key European markets - all available in a single platform

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