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An exceptionally high citation record is a mark of a researcher’s influence

Research papers that have been cited more than 2,000 times are rarities, representing a small proportion of overall publications. An exceptionally high citation record is a mark of a researcher’s community-wide influence. It is acknowledgement of their important foundational work, on which they and others are building further research.

*Attributed to Sir Isaac Newton

Research papers published since 1970
Research papers cited 1,000+ times
Research papers cited 2,000+ times
Source: The Web of Science (articles and proceedings papers), 1970-2022

Influence of these research giants is comparable to Nobel Prize recipients

This small group of highly cited scientists and economists represents a research elite whose influence is comparable to that of past and future Nobel Prize recipients. Our expert analysts have used trusted Web of Science™ citation data to identify Citation Laureates™ since 2002.

World-class researchers have been recognized as Citation Laureates
Citation Laureates have then received a Nobel Prize

2023 Hall of Citation Laureates

The Institute for Scientific Information proudly announces the 2023 additions to our Hall of Citation Laureates – researchers whose work is deemed to be of Nobel stature, as attested by markedly high citation tallies recorded in the Web of Science.

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