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Maximize actionable insights from a portfolio of healthcare data products designed to meet a wide array of research needs. Investigate diverse patient populations and subsequent clinical outcomes to derive significant insights from an integrated and validated data ecosystem.

Dive deep into the provider, patient, payer relationships to understand the complexity of care and treatment decisions. Get granular information on the patient healthcare experience, utilization patterns, treatment adherence and direct cost expenditures from disease onset to treatment initiation and beyond.

Unlock a comprehensive view of the lifecycle of disease

  1. Identify your therapeutic area and patients with confidence
    Clarivate Real-World Data Product is a comprehensive and integrated solution, providing a robust and longitudinal view of patient care and ensuring you have recent, reliable data reflective of the prevalence of disease and treatment utilization
  2. Uncover opportunity areas to drive adoption and adherence
    Track post-launch drug performance against patient outcomes with weekly data refreshes to make timely changes to your strategy and improve drug adoption and adherence in target patient populations
  3. Understand the impact of specialty pharmaceuticals within key target populations
    Comprehensive coverage of more than 1000 distinct specialty drug formulations provides insight into diverse therapeutic areas, including rare, complex, and chronic diseases, so that you can identify patient access to therapeutics
  4. Enhance engagement with best-fit physicians and patients using highly focused insights
    Clarivate Real-World Data Product offers robust breadth of coverage, and rich depth to derive specific details on clinical care, HCP behavior and decision-making processes, allowing researchers to increase insights into line of therapy, treatment adherence, and formulary decisions

Meaningful insights to improve your understanding of patient care and disease trajectories

Customize your data solution to meet your business needs and maximize the value of investments

  1. Track patients through their treatment pathway with open-sourced claims
    Increase understanding of patient healthcare decision-making by identifying patterns of provider and payer switching with open-sourced claims data that provide insight into more than 41 billion claims, integrated with provider data and sites of care, and substantial coverage across payers
  2. Improve understanding of disease progression and market dynamics with longitudinal data
    Track patients from onset of disease to treatment initiation and beyond to gain a consistent perspective on patient activity over multiple years and capture a holistic view of patient care with integrated medical claims and clinical data
  3. Respond to market changes in real-time with high-frequency updates
    Instantly detect and respond to changes in clinical decision-making, product uptake, and competitive market dynamics with millions of claims updated every 10 days
  4. Confidently assess growth opportunities with support from dedicated customer care team
    Get the most relevant information to achieve your objectives in less time and with greater confidence with support from data analysts, therapy experts and business consultants committed to providing custom insights and recommendations
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Medical and pharmacy claims capture key health information for over 90% of the U.S. patient population

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Patients captured through claims every year for continuous view of patient care

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Patients tracked with integrated medical claims and EHR data for more granular customer insights and segmentation

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Distinct specialty drug formulations captured for valuable perspective into the treatment journeys of over 12M patients with chronic, complex, and rare diseases

The greatest potential of timely real-world data lies in improving the reliability of research populations compared to randomized clinical trials.

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