A secure, enterprise-wide patent search application that delivers higher quality, more comprehensive patent data for more reliable insights.

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More reliable patent search results, without the tracking

Given the wealth of information available in patent data, researchers across your company are likely using free online tools to search patent records.

However, freely accessible patent search tools provide only a basic level of data correction and normalization, meaning patent search results may be incomplete and unreliable. Additionally, online patent search tools track users’ search activity. What could that tracking reveal about your company’s business strategy?

With search tracking and unreliable data, the cost of using free tools can be significant.

Search smarter: more secure and informative patent searching

  1. Keep your patent searches to yourself.
    PatentScout doesn’t ever monitor, aggregate, track or keep a history of any user’s patent search activity
  2. Extend IP insights across the organization.
    With an intuitive interface, an unlimited usage model, open company-wide access, and helpful analytics tools, PatentScout makes it easy for anyone in your organization to find relevant documents and gather reliable insights to answer questions about your competitors’, your technology domain and your own IP portfolio.
  3. Higher quality data for more reliable insights.
    With PatentScout, you can trust the results. PatentScout provides access to the same comprehensive, cleansed Clarivate patent data that powers our patent intelligence solutions.

Upgrade your patent searches without breaking your budget.

Patent insights everywhere you need them.

  • Enterprise-wide licensing model makes it affordable to offer secure patent searching across your company within your budget.
  • Easily accessed from your mobile device – for higher quality IP data anywhere you need it.
  • Easy-to-use interface allows anyone in your organization to get started using PatentScout immediately without training

High quality data and powerful search engines deliver better results.

  • Easily find the most relevant results from Clarivate’s cleansed, normalized and comprehensive patent data from 105 bibliographic and 75 full text jurisdictions. ​
  • Start your search with a simple keyword search or use a more complex Boolean string.
  • Input a concept description to jump start your search – AI-powered natural language processing search engine returns highly relevant results.

More advanced capabilities for more in-depth insights.

  • Filter and visualize your results by organization, filing date, source jurisdiction, and more.
  • Quickly assess the contents of your results set using powerful text clustering analytics.
  • Export and share document pdfs, results charts, or save patents to your project folder.

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