Top 100 Global
Innovators 2024

Ranking innovation performance.

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Introducing Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2024.

This year, ranked.

In this report, we rank the top 100 organizations leading the world in technology research and innovation.

We measured global innovation by combining modern analytical architecture with our 60 years of experience to identify the top innovators transforming the world as we know it.

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Who is redefining

Discover the exceptional innovators creating their
own paths to success.

For 13 years, Clarivate™ has recognized those that are on top. For 12 years, we did so without noting the difference. As technology and research and the competition for ideas has become more intense, a closer and more defined view is increasingly needed.

The observable difference, the measured edge, is focused here on exceptionalism. Those that think forward. These are the organizations that made the Top 100 list.

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What defines
the next level?

The methodology of measuring difference.

With competition intensifying, knowing the rules gives you an advantage. Discover how Clarivate™ comparatively analyzes global invention data to assess the strength of every patented idea. In doing so, we measure the quality of ideas, their potency and their effect.

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Latest on Top 100

Throughout the year, we interview companies on the list and provide new insights related to the Top 100 program. Explore resources to learn more, read past reports and access the Top 100 Global Innovators media kit. 

Will your next move
be decisive?

Think forward to an IP-empowered tomorrow.

At Clarivate, we help you put your intangible assets — your intellectual property — at the heart of your business. With every solution we offer and every insight we deliver, we aim to help you anticipate and navigate the ever-evolving challenges and trends that impact innovation and the global IP ecosystem.

This is our Think forward™ promise — connecting you to intelligence you can trust to ensure an IP-empowered tomorrow.

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