Protect your trademarks from potential infringement around the globe.

Worldwide Watch

Put our best-in-class global Watch expertise to work safeguarding your valuable brands. Our Worldwide Watch for word and design marks helps identify potential infringement rapidly, while covering the global markets that matter to you. Get the quality information you need to act quickly and confidently to protect your brand around the world.

More about Worldwide Watch

  • Choose the coverage you need: by country, by region or worldwide
  • For Word Trademarks, we report newly published identical and phonetically identical marks in all classes, plus confusingly similar marks in the selected or chosen class
  • For Design Trademarks, we report newly published visually similar marks in a class or classes of your choice
  • English translations of Goods and Services are included for most registers at no additional

Design Watch

Watching design marks requires specialized expertise. Trust CompuMark’s design trademark experts to watch over your design mark or logo worldwide. We report newly published visually similar marks in the classes of your choice so you can respond quickly and confidently to protect your brand.

  • Receive concise, actionable information on potential infringements of your design
  • Proprietary, additional design coding delivers precise, relevant results

Non-Latin Character Watch

Monitor and protect your Chinese character brands in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with CompuMark confidence. Our network of trusted local experts watches your trademarks for potential infringements, considering language and case law specific to their countries or regions.

  • Receive trusted, actionable information from local trademark experts
  • Reduce the risk of missing a potential infringement in key Asian markets

Worldwide Ownership Watch

Rely on CompuMark to help monitor global trademark activity by key competitors—or track the publication of your own marks. We watch all newly published marks filed by a specific company or individual in jurisdictions worldwide.

  • Keep a close eye on critical marks, without the time-consuming process of gathering this information yourself
  • Choose the coverage you need: by country, by region or worldwide
  • Access results quickly and streamline your review with Watch on SERION

Special Reports

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