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IP Management Consulting

Helping IP leaders navigate the complex business environment, set priorities, enhance IP performance and achieve sustainable results.

IP professionals are under pressure to prioritize and balance strategy and tactics. A continuous stream of new tools, technologies and business models creates a shifting landscape that can be challenging to navigate. Change is constant and your teams and operations must be agile, flexible and reliable, while steering a new course.

Our IP Management Consulting services lean on the Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research™ to support the entire IP lifecycle. By combining our unmatched data and expertise in people, processes, intelligence and technology, we deliver solutions to complex challenges and guide transformation to minimize disruptions and achieve IP outcomes seamlessly.

Guided by comprehensive operational and strategic IP assessments, validated industry benchmarks, and proven transformation methodologies, our consultants work with you to create integrated and modern IP operations for maximum impact and value. We deliver productive and scalable models to support and accelerate the transformation journey.

IP operations transformation

IP operations transformation

We assess your IP operations with a lens on people, process, data, and technology and create an optimal operating model for your IP team. Our engagement managers guide you in the implementation of IP organizational changes to help increase efficiency, maximize use of your people, improve decision making, and optimize your technology.

We can support:

  • Process evaluation and improvement
  • Staffing models, role definition and training
  • Outside counsel and business partner alignment
  • Policy creation and documentation
  • Data and knowledge management
  • Fee structures and budgeting
  • IT planning and change management

IP strategy development

We help develop your IP strategy to ensure your resources, assets, and innovation programs are aligned with your business and growth strategies. Our engagement managers guide your team through our proprietary strategy development process, resulting in a clear, aligned and measurable outcome. We can define, realize, and orchestrate your IP vision and help to optimize the portfolio, stay ahead of the competition, and create long-term value.

We can support:

  • Portfolio assessments and external benchmarking
  • Competitive positioning
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Due diligence and infringement analysis
  • Licensing review and development
  • IP awareness programs
  • Strategy workshops
IP strategy development

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