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Comprehensive IP Recordals from the world leaders

Processing the paperwork required for IP asset transfers can be cumbersome and confusing, requiring complex supporting documentation and legal procedures across international jurisdictions.

Our skilled Recordals team manage the end-to-end project for you, helping to ensure your IP is always protected. From assignments or mergers and acquisitions, to changes of name/address, our experienced global team provides a cost-effective alternative to managing the Recordals process in-house.

Why choose us?

  1. Benefit from service excellence
    We provide a flexible approach to supporting our client’s needs, putting our focus where you need it, so you are getting exactly what you require from us.
  2. Reduce your administrative burden
    Offload the burden of IP Recordals as we manage all necessary documents for signature and administrative tasks throughout the entire end-to-end process.
  3. Keep control of your costs
    Built-in flexible invoice options provide clear cost visibility from the outset, so you won’t be surprised by unexpected fees.

Service features

Comprehensive data verification

Clarivate IP Recordals is underpinned by strict data verification.

  • We provide prompt identification and reporting of owner discrepancies so you can be assured in the accuracy of your records.

A personalized service

Our service is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

  • All projects are controlled by a project manager, acting as a dedicated point of contact.
  • Your project will be personalised, with information and reports provided around your individual needs.
  • We will prioritize cases or countries as you need, to ensure we are consistently aligned to your business priorities.

Documentary requirements

As part of our IP Recordals service, we manage the most cumbersome of documentary formalities.

  • Grant power of attorney for us to sign on your behalf, removing the administrative burden from your teams.
  • We obtain all forms of authentication, notarization, apostille and legalization.

Visibility and control

We ensure you won’t lose track of your project status.

  • Benefit from a 360-degree view of your recordal project, with our project status dashboard.
  • Tailor your reporting to suit the frequency that suits you best.

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