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Enabling life science companies to identify and support patients at the point of care and point of dispensing

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Support patients at the time and place of patient contact

Patient engagement programs provide healthcare professionals and patients with information to make informed healthcare decisions.

Through custom messaging programs, life science companies can highlight important information about the patient’s disease, treatment options and the care pathway–ultimately helping life science companies improve the patient experience.

Our targeted digital messaging programs reach physicians and pharmacists during an engagement with a relevant patient; at the time when they are actively considering how to best help the patient; the time when they are most receptive​. These programs are built to support improved patient outcomes, identify and reach new patients and retain current patients.

Doing more to support life science companies accelerate exceptional, patient-centric outcomes

  1. Identify and reach new patients
    Find patients who would benefit from treatment by effectively leveraging healthcare data to drive precision medicine and care.
  2. Retain patients through optimized treatment plan
    Disrupt patterns of poor medication adherence and drive positive behavior change in patients through tailored messaging programs.
  3. Understand the patient journey
    Gain a granular view of the patient journey to drive better outcomes with multi-layered insights and analysis.

Enabling life science companies to drive positive behavior changes in patients and improve patient outcomes

Extensive global coverage

  • 1 billion patients
  • 1 million HCPs
  • 15 countries and growing

Digital messaging layered with clinical expertise

  • Identifies the unmet clinical need for the target patient population
  • Digital messages are integrated directly into healthcare professionals EHR, prescribing and dispensing systems
  • At the point of care or point of dispensing, prescribers, physicians and pharmacists are prompted with clinical messages which can be delivered to patients verbally or with a leaflet

Measurable results

  • Patient engagement programs provide patients with information to make informed healthcare decisions and encourage positive behavioral change
  • Get valuable insights into prescribing and dispensing behavior and follow patients longitudinally to see the changes in their treatment, disease state and clinical parameters with time to inform your R&D or commercial strategy

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December 22, 2021

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