Biopharma customer engagement

Develop impactful multichannel biopharma patient engagement strategies for your brand.

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Biopharma customer engagement

Uncover and truly understand customer perceptions, needs and behaviors so you can effectively engage with physicians, patients and payers.

The increasing decentralization of healthcare has highlighted the need to meet patients where they are and equip physicians with the knowledge and tools they need to optimize patient care and treatment adherence. Our team’s comprehensive understanding of the healthcare customer experience enables healthcare brands to connect with customers regardless of geographic location, demographic characteristics and level of digital proficiency.

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Biopharma patient experience

  • Understand the patient journey in the pharma industry, including the clinical and online behaviors that present opportunities for intervention
  • Gain insight into how perceptions and behaviors change across clinical scenarios and health experiences
  • Develop the patient resources and provide the information patients need to support their health decision making
  • Identify the factors that drive patients to request specific treatments, adhere to treatment or switch treatments
  • Determine how to drive customer-centric programs by identifying the influential HCP and patient behaviors, attitudes and needs

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Multichannel planning

  • Design and produce materials to communicate benefits and value for commercial launch – across the most appropriate communication channels for the target audience
  • Understand competitor best practices and identify the whitespace opportunities
  • Determine the ideal channel mix and where to prioritize investment
  • Improve your HCP engagement strategy
  • Understand which tactics influence prescribing
  • Personalize your approach (channels and content) for the best engagement by determining the content that resonates most with patients and caregivers across the patient journey
  • Drive adherence to your product by identifying the tangible or emotional reasons behind treatment decisions and drug switching
  • Identify the key influencers and stakeholders in your therapy area and leverage them to drive awareness or influence behavior

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Commercial targeting and pull through

  • Optimize your targeting to ensure you’re focusing efforts on the regions, accounts and stakeholders impacting your brand success
  • Understand the competitive landscape, benchmarks and best practices
  • Tailor your messaging by stakeholder type
  • Leverage favorable formulary in sales calls
  • Prepare your account and sales reps for effective conversations

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Value communication and messaging

  • Determine how to maximize product and portfolio value and minimize the risk
  • Understand the content and channels that providers, patients and payers are using and how they are influencing their decisions

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Digital health innovation

  • Understand the impact of emerging technology like telehealth and remote monitoring on the landscape
  • Anticipate the digital technologies that will effectively reach your patient base
  • Provide value to your customers through digital channels and tactics that they will use throughout their journey
  • Optimize your ecosystem of digital assets by determining which model will work best for your situation
  • Maximize marketing spend by focusing on the most efficient and relevant digital channels
  • Differentiate your brand from your competition, while discovering what worked well for your competitors
  • Identify the benchmarks and leaders in the space

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