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Give your law firm a competitive advantage

Inprotech® is a secure intellectual property management solution specifically designed with law firms in mind.

Capable of handling sophisticated administrative workflows, Inprotech helps improve processes and create efficiencies that give your attorneys more time to focus on high-value tasks.

We know that no two practices are the same. That’s why Inprotech is both modular and highly configurable, designed to improve client satisfaction and optimise practice efficiency.

Why choose Inprotech?

  1. Improve efficiency with streamlined workflows
    Integrate with national Patent and Trademark offices (USPTO, EPO, IP Australia, IPONZ, EUIPO). Move seamlessly between Inprotech and complementary apps using Single Sign On. A shared database enables complete case access from anywhere, making it easier to locate, review and share information.
  2. Retain and attract clients
    Improve customer service by increasing case filing speed and create real-time reports tailored specifically to your clients’ needs. Identify new business through client analysis, customer trends and marketing functions that support your firm’s growth.
  3. Reduce risk
    Minimize the need for manual data input, eliminating costly data entry errors. Ensure all data is reliable, cleansed and verified with the help of data verification technology and proprietary algorithms. Place restrictions on cases and client details for staff members, preventing conflict between current and potential clients and guarding against inadvertent disclosure of information.

Core features

Lifecycle management

Manage cases through the entire IP lifecycle, from filing through to registration and renewal.

Fee generation and fee list

Fully integrated with the core Case, Names and Billing modules. Generate Fees, Service Charges and Disbursements easily alongside IPO Fee reporting and automatic invoicing.

Reciprocity and statistics

Easily manage statistics and analysis of work received from and sent to foreign agents.


Time and expense management tools with flexible costing and productivity analysis, generate a work in progress overview.

Client access

Allow your clients to access their portfolio, reducing unnecessary correspondence.

General ledger

Use Inprotech as a general source of managing IP information, financial reports, budgeting and forecasting.

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