Research discovery and referencing

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Research discovery and referencing

Conduct research, collaborate efficiently, and share findings


Behind every groundbreaking discovery is thousands of hours of research, data analysis and writing. Equip your researchers to carry out world-leading research and stay ahead of industry competition.

  • Advance innovative research projects
    Identify which research problems remain unsolved and the best opportunities to contribute.
  • Collaborate efficiently with the right peers
    Locate experts publishing key research and streamline the process of co-authoring papers.
  • Maximize the outcomes of your research 
    Save time preparing manuscripts and make informed decisions about where to publish.
  • Showcase your contributions and impact 
    Attract attention to your research with multidimensional researcher profiles.

Remove roadblocks along the research project lifecycle

Researchers face countless disappointments in failed experiments, futile findings, and rejected publications. Arm your research teams with the tools they need for a straight line to success.

Navigate a complex, competitive research environment with confidence

Quickly locate key papers and stay up to date in your field with trustworthy, reliable resources.

Reclaim valuable research time with efficient workflow tools

Make progress faster with streamlined referencing and co-authoring tools, and personalized insights delivered as you work.

Promote your work to peers and evaluators

Find best-fit journals for your work and display a holistic view of your scholarly contributions to the community.

Learn how Berry College is supporting the next generation of researchers using the Web of Science

How trusted research tools can help undergraduates locate journals and learn about the practices around peer-reviewed literature.

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Our products

Web of Science Core CollectionTM

Uncover hidden connections between ideas in the world’s most trusted citation database.

Web of Science platform

Maximize the results of limited research time with a single search that returns diverse outputs across the research lifecycle.

Master Journal List

Find the right journal for your research and publishing needs across 250+ disciplines.


Save time with a reference manager that helps you stay organized, collaborate with peers, and prepare manuscripts easily.


Simplify your research with a web-based reference manager that is easy to teach, learn and use.


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