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Artificial Intelligence: Building bridges between science and policy

Ideas to Innovation - Season Two

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If there’s one big topic that’s capturing imaginations, stimulating excitement and provoking fear and uncertainty all at the same time, it’s artificial intelligence. Today, it’s hard to miss references to AI across the media, social networks, business journals, in and out of boardrooms and at all levels in organizations and governments around the world. Many companies are figuring out how to define AI and determining which aspects of it work best in their own business. And then there is the notion of using AI to help the world, to build bridges between science and policy with the goal of addressing global concerns such as ending poverty and to ensure our climate is improving, not getting worse.

Leveraging AI tools for the greater good is the passion that drives Jaron Porciello, guest speaker in the latest episode of our “Ideas to Innovation Season 2” podcast. Her research focuses on programs that use machine learning to help humans make better decisions. Jaron is information and data scientist and the associate professor of the information and data science practice of the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society at the University of Notre Dame, located in Indiana USA. The institute serves as a hub for students, faculty, visiting scholars and staff, allowing them to explore how data can be harnessed to benefit society. Jaron is also cofounder of Havos.ai, whose mission is to enable everyone to access science, even if they are not a scientist.

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Jaron Porciello
Jaron Porciello
Professor of Practice, University of Notre Dame; Co-founder Havos, Inc