Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer

Assess both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily

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In today’s crowded global trademark landscape, assessing the viability of new marks requires a multi-dimensional approach. Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer lets you assess both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily.

It offers a unique combination of rich, proprietary Clarivate trademark and litigation data and AI-powered analytics to provide a broader picture of the risk landscape surrounding your proposed brand.


Introducing Brand Landscape Analyzer


Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer charts a new direction for trademark research. With this innovative trademark research product, Clarivate delivers new artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology that empowers brand professionals to meet today’s challenges with greater agility, efficiency, and confidence.

One workflow, multiple insights

  1. Replace fragmented tools and research processes with a single, integrated solution that combines industry-leading CompuMark trademark data (covering 188 registers) and Darts-ip litigation data (covering more than 6.4+ million trademark cases worldwide).
  2. Evaluate the risk of conflicts by assessing an owner’s litigation behavior, brand portfolio and global reach, together with trademark in-use and registration data.
  3. Develop stronger data-driven strategies by evaluating previous case law related to similar trademarks.

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Act fast, save time and effort

  1. Accelerate brand research tasks with AI-enabled tools that deliver concise, actionable information ranked by relevance to save you time.
  2. Access insights quickly with convenient, self-service analysis.
  3. Review a wealth of relevant information without having to manually download content from multiple sources.

Make confident business decisions

  1. Formulate decisions regarding brand viability with confidence, based on insights powered by Clarivate trademark experts and industry thought leaders.
  2. Get a more complete picture of potential brand risk to make the most of your expertise.

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