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Elevate your firm’s IP practice management

FoundationIP is a leading IP lifecycle management solution for law firms seeking a competitive edge.

This powerful and flexible cloud-based solution improves your efficiency at every step in the IP lifecycle, so you can grow your firm with confidence.

Reduce risk with industry-leading Clarivate IP data. Uncover actionable insights that position you as a strategic partner. Maximize your team’s efficiency with advanced automation and integrated services. Seamlessly collaborate with clients, colleagues, and agents worldwide.

Modernize your IP practice management with FoundationIP.

Create a foundation for hyper-efficient IP management

  1. Keep pace with growing demands
    Automate time-consuming manual tasks, freeing staff to focus on high-value work. Grow your firm with a flexible solution that scales easily to meet your evolving needs.
  2. Enhance client value and retention 
    Provide actionable insights to drive more productive client interactions. Integrate Clarivate IP data and deliver more value to your clients, with less administrative effort.
  3. Streamline your firm’s IP operations
    Manage patents, trademarks, domain names, copyrights and more all in one place. Easily configure FoundationIP based on client, attorney, office or team. Save time managing client portfolios with client templates.

Core features

IP management made easy

Spend more time on client service by automating repetitive manual tasks.

  • Receive automatic law updates and recalculations 3x a year, covering over 300 jurisdictions.
  • Automate reports, email reminders, task assignments, and field updates.
  • Automatically track priority lineage, terminal disclaimers, and visualize relationships with the family tree view.
  • Import hundreds of references in minutes, automatically flow to related matters, and generate forms with end-to-end IDS Management.

Advanced task management

Prevent missed deadlines with advanced task management tools. ​

  • One-click docketing from USPTO Private PAIR, docket directly from an e-mail, and more.
  • Create internal tasks, automatically launch tasks in related families, leverage conditional logic, and more.
  • Search for assigned tasks, view tasks on dashboard, automate task reports, and receive email reminders.

Reduce risk with clean, reliable data

Act confidently, with easy access to industry-leading Clarivate IP data. ​

  • Receive accurate data for patents, designs, and trademarks.
  • Activate and verify data in minutes, plus verify and update client data in bulk.
  • Leverage data quality as a firm KPI.

Harness the power of your firm’s data

Increase client value, generate forms, and measure firm KPI’s with powerful dashboards and reporting. ​

  • Powerful report builder allows you to create and schedule complex reports by role.
  • Create custom charts and graphs and share key analytics internally and with clients.
  • Out of the box forms and reports include 150+ managed USPTO forms and over 100 system reports.

Enable a better client experience

Drive client value with built-in collaboration tools

  • Enable direct client access to information, reducing burden on attorneys and staff.
  • Easily report out to customers, create email message templates, and automatically file client responses.
  • Provide high level insights to customers using PatentScout’s searching and analytical capabilities.

Connect your IP ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with Clarivate solutions and your firm’s internal systems.

  • Easily process patent renewals payment decisions for clients, automatically close and launch renewal dates, and more.
  • Integrate Innography to analyze your client’s portfolio alongside global, public patent data to make better-informed decisions.
  • Automate storage and management of IP documents and document processes.

FoundationIP + Innography

By connecting both the FoundationIP IPMS and Innography IP Intelligence software, decision makers are able to analyze portfolios and private matters alongside global, public IP data to make better-informed decisions.

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