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Clarivate offers proprietary market access data sets aggregated to provide a comprehensive view of today’s healthcare ecosystem and offer invaluable insights from pre-launch through product maturity.

Simplify your analysis by leveraging our global, yet locally specialized market access solutions. Our single source of integrated, customizable healthcare data provides invaluable insights into the global markets you need to understand most.

Unlock hyper-local and hyper-targeted assessments of patient populations, markets and treatment influencers to set pricing and contract strategies, account segmentation and guide you through the evolving complexities of the global reimbursement markets.

How we help

Market sizing and access journey

  • Determine the size of your market and location of your addressable population
  • Describe your segments and their healthcare experience, pain points, care perceptions and cost burden
  • Identify what is preventing patients from accessing treatment and how you can remove barriers to access

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Access landscape

  • Visualize the access landscape and the impact of policy and other dynamics on the market
  • Anticipate what is coming next, including how the access environment will evolve over the next 1-2 years
  • Identify the market access macrolevel trends that are likely to impact successful launch and uptake
  • Evaluate payer perceptions of the disease burden and unmet needs in treatment
  • Simulate the likely coverage and management scenarios for the asset
  • Determine if you have restricted access and how your access compares to that of your competitors

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Account segmentation and regional profiling

  • Anticipate management of the asset by key payers, IDNs and healthcare systems based on their specific market conditions
  • Navigate complex connections of IDNs, physician groups and payers at the hyper-local level
  • Identify your customers who will serve as the greatest opportunity or barrier for access
  • Determine the key value drivers that will shape stakeholder decisions
  • Prioritize and strategically engage key customer accounts
  • Implement local tactics to ensure market access

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National and local reimbursement and coverage

  • Secure favorable reimbursement at national and local levels
  • Anticipate when a shift in a health plan formulary limits your addressable market
  • Locate the best area of focus for your marketing, sales and contracting efforts to increase access

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Pricing and contracting

  • Optimize your launch sequence and price bands
  • Develop and govern pricing strategies
  • Navigate cost containment hurdles globally
  • Negotiate managed entry agreements, including innovative pricing

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Outcomes and value proposition

  • Generate the evidence and outcomes you need to establish product value by various stakeholder types
  • Develop your global value proposition and dossier
  • Tailor your value proposition and dossier by stakeholder types and regions

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Commercial targeting and pull-through

  • Optimize your targeting to ensure you’re focusing efforts on the regions, accounts and stakeholders impacting your brand success
  • Tailor your messaging by stakeholder type
  • Leverage favorable formulary in sales calls
  • Prepare your account and sales reps for effective conversations

Effectively engage the right contacts

Multichannel planning

  • Design and produce materials to communicate benefits and value for commercial launch – across the most appropriate communicate channels for the target audience
  • Determine the ideal channel mix and where to prioritize investment
  • Engage with your target physicians on the channels they are using
  • Personalize your approach (channels and content) for the best engagement by determining the content that resonates most with patients and caregivers across the patient journey
  • Anticipate the emerging digital technologies to effectively reach your patient base
  • Drive adherence to your product by identifying the tangible or emotional reasons behind treatment decisions and drug switching
  • Identify the key influencers and stakeholders in your therapy area and leverage them to drive awareness or influence behavior

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