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The largest and only global IP case law database dedicated to trademark cases.

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Access the largest trademark cases database

Darts-ip provides the largest and only global IP case law database dedicated to trademark cases. 7M+ cases gathered thus far, it is often far more complete than any local database and provides access to the entire world of trademark case law. Administrative and judicial cases are collected worldwide with valuable insights extracted from each decision.

7M+ trademark cases | 3.7K+ courts | 140 countries

Trademarks – value at every step

Our users leverage the power of cases at every step of the life of a trademark. From “Application” to “Litigation”, see how our powerful search tools can be used to make decisions with more confidence.


Know a case exists before it even reaches a decision

Because we gather information about complaints and hearings, you are able to know a trademark case exists before it reaches a decision. Most cases never even reach a decision.


Data extraction is the key

Once a document is gathered, such as a decision, it’s analyzed by a local trademark specialist. When we extract data from legal documents, trademark cases become data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.

The search tools you need to find the relevant cases in minutes

Because our sole focus is on IP cases, we have developed the tools trademark specialists need to search and find exactly what they are looking for.

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