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Healthbase has been built to provide multi-disciplinary market access teams with the data and insight they need to understand alignments between systems – down to the individual provider level – and ascertain the market control of IDNs across US regions and patient populations.

It provides a groundbreaking view of the strength of affiliations within healthcare delivery systems. The new platform is designed to promote more effective communication and unify home office market access, field sales, marketing, and account management teams by providing a single source of truth for affiliations data with a corresponding view of IDN behavior and trends.

Doing more to maximize commercial value for life science companies

  1. Utilize a single source of truth for affiliations data to dive from IDN level to individual providers and prescribers across the US
  2. Enhance your market access strategy by understanding the amount of control each IDN exerts in each market and tailoring your tactics accordingly
  3. Optimize your sales force structure factoring in the impact of organized customers to improve sales execution
  4. Unify your home office and field sales with the platform that provides tools for targeting, segmentation, and execution – all aligned by the same core data

Advanced algorithms for better data

Seamless, accurate and comprehensive

Healthbase employs a technology-driven process to create and maintain the healthcare affiliation relationships in a timely and efficient manner. This same technology-driven approach is employed to refresh IDN/Integrated Health System performance metrics being tracked at all facility levels within an organization. For example, payer share by IDN/IHS, treatment patterns, and more.


Our affiliations backbone starts at individual physicians and works up to the facility and parent health system level

We capture 1.8M US Healthcare Providers via claims volumes, SEC filings, IRS filings, NPPES, website data CMS datasets, etc.


We perform a three-part affiliations verification

QA process to catch outliers; verify similar affiliations across multiple data sources; curated by seasoned market analysts


Data in graph database exposed via multiple platforms

Ability to connect any entity to any other entity and add context for each connection

Graph database allows us to accurately represent real world affiliations

What makes this the best affiliations database available?

  • Affiliation strength: More intelligence being carried in the affiliations lets users quantitatively distribute activity between multiple facilities
  • Clinical affiliations (non-ownership): We measure real world affiliation strength between organizations by analyzing the disparate physician activity within a practice, hospital, physician group, or system
  • Affiliations by TA: Healthbase has the ability to define health systems based on activity for selected therapeutic areas
  • Better NPI coverage: Increasing the completeness of facility NPIs enables better integration for complex breadth of analysis
  • Expertise and insights: In-depth analysis of IDNs and data curation by seasoned market access analysts. IDNs include 10 largest nationally and 200 largest, most influential at a state level

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