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Automate workflows with programmatic access to global IP litigation data

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Darts-ip™ API

Make smarter decisions with flexible, trusted Intellectual Property data and APIs

Discover the value of combining complementary data sets. Integrate our case data into your platform.

  • Base decisions on a solid foundation of high-quality Intellectual Property data that is systematically ingested, normalized, formatted, verified and curated by our expert teams for superior discoverability.
  • Make valuable, new connections across disparate data sets, revealing new insights that drive better decisions.
  • Tailor research and analytics to the needs of the moment, delivering the precise intelligence that’s required, right when it’s needed.

Global IP case data and analytics at your fingertips.

Finding and analyzing global IP case data for trademarks, patents, designs and models, copyrights, domain names and unfair competition is easier than ever with Darts-ip.

AI-powered algorithms capture critical data.

Darts-ip gives you enhanced insights and saves you time.

Gain a clear picture.

Our unique data set offers you a clear overview of IP issues worldwide.

Maximize the value of IP assets, minimize risk.

We help you efficiently make confident legal decisions and build winning strategies.

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Curating insights from case law – by Ruta Kersyte

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Our data coverage as of December 2023

We have various type of coverage on cases around the world.

Optimal coverage High coverage Average coverage Building coverage

Complete or best coverage available. Full search capabilities as decisions have been analyzed.

High number of cases covered. Legal analysis underway and hence mainly non-legal search options available.

Average number of cases collected. Mostly searchable with free text search field. Analysis started for some countries.

Collection of cases started. Free-text searching criteria available as analysis in most cases is not sufficient yet.

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Darts-ip coverage for Why Darts-ip page

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Our Case Law Search Services give you access to the entire Darts-ip data collection. With 9.5M+ cases from over 4,000 courts, our experts provide insight into a world of IP litigation data.

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Domains
  • Designs
  • Unfair Competition

With an average of 60,000 new cases added every month, Darts-ip maintains a daily flow of new information, updated cases and court documents. Our analysts classify cases based on our exclusive point of law legal taxonomy. For each of the 11 harmonized legal zones, we have over 300 possible legal “points of law” for patent cases and 350 possible legal points for trademark cases.

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