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Library Software

Libraries are adapting to a fast-evolving and digitally dependent world

Clarivate helps public, academic, government, and specialty libraries, as well as library consortia, modernize in support of the unique communities they serve

  • Adopt disruptive technologies
    Leverage development in generative AI, linked data, and conversational discovery to enhance user experience.
  • Optimize operations and integration
    Facilitate streamlined workflows for staff and patrons with a cloud-based, unified suite of software solutions.
  • Facilitate deeper analytic insight
    Easily access critical data, measure impact, make informed decisions. and demonstrate ROI with confidence.
  • Harness the power of collaboration
    Connect with a community of users, developers, libraries and educators to shape the future of library technology.

Tools and technology to transform the library experience

Our solutions embrace cutting-edge technology to streamline library workflows while supporting intuitive, personalized engagement, especially for today’s digital-first library users

Inspire powerful connections

Allow users to find and access vital resources through innovative discovery systems that leverage AI and linked data technologies.

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Simplify resource management

Optimize operations, reduce costs associated with multiple systems and support data-driven decision-making with unified software solutions.

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Enhance engagement and services

Meaningfully and consistently interact with patrons to create compelling and impactful experiences throughout your community.

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Learn how Swinburne University modernized management of library services with Alma

University librarian Sam Huggard shares how Alma’s integrated management solution transformed the library experience for staff, students, and researchers.

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Our products


Optimize your impact with a proven, flexible, and unified library services platform.

Primo Discovery

Empower students and researchers to quickly access and intuitively explore your collections.


Leverage library resources for teaching and learning while reducing costs for students.


Enhance resource-sharing efficiency with streamlined workflows and increased user autonomy.


Connect students to valuable resources and information via an intuitive mobile experience.


Preserve, maintain, and showcase digital collections on one collaborative, customizable platform.


Modernize patron services and staff workflows with an integrated management system.

Vega Discover

Inspire patron delight by making it more engaging to explore and access your materials.

Vega Promote

Generate excitement about your offerings with an easy-to-use digital marketing automation tool.

Vega Promote Web

Build and update your library website – no need for third-party intervention or coding knowledge.

Vega Program

Elevate your events by simplifying planning, management, communications, and marketing.

Innovative Mobile

Extend your reach with a customizable mobile app to serve digit-first patrons on the go.


Support multiple staff workflows with a unified system for managing day-to-day activities.

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