On-demand Webinar

Building a stronger patent portfolio: Strategies for data-driven patent portfolio management

Ricardo Horiuchi
Senior Global Solution Consultant
Lydia Binek
Senior Global Solution Consultant
Rosemary Bassilakis
Associate Director, Service Operations

The development of your company’s or your client’s IP portfolio as a business asset means you need to see both the forest and the trees. Patent intelligence can be applied to give your legal team the perspective needed to make the right decisions for managing patent portfolios – where to invest, where to shore up protection, where to save money, and where to increase licensing activity.

In the recent webinar, Clarivate™ experts share key strategies from hands-on experience working with some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Topics covered:

  • Evaluating R&D alignment: Is innovation output supporting your growth strategies?
  • Benchmarking peers: How does your innovation output compare to your peers?
  • Assessing opportunities: How to monitor new patents and recognize their potential? Which patents have the highest licensing potential?
  • Evaluating protection: Which patent families are most important to protecting current or future flagship products, and will they stand up under scrutiny?
  • Mitigating risk: How to identify attempts from competitors and new players to circumvent your or your client’s patent rights in key categories?