Consultancy and Data

Make confident, evidence-informed decisions that drive research excellence

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Consultancy and Data

Rely on trusted experts and quality data to answer complex questions

Customized analyses, robust reporting, and best-in-class datasets help you shape the future of research at your organization and beyond.

  • Improve research performance and focus investment
    Draw connections between research and downstream impact. Gain powerful insights into cutting-edge science.
  • Conduct large scale research evaluation projects
    Assess research output and performance against national and international benchmarks.
  • Inform your collaboration strategies
    Identify experts and promote internal and external partnerships or collaborations.
  • Establish a track record of success 
    Evaluate funding and grants and demonstrate impact by highlighting scholarly accomplishments and efforts.

Power high stakes initiatives with flexible, trusted solutions

Expertise to support qualitative and quantitative assessment

Our team of PhDs have decades of experience across multiple scientific fields and employ objective and effective approaches for reporting.

Reliable, high-quality data inputs

Consistently, meticulously indexed data means you can be certain that you have the most relevant view of research impact possible.

Seamless data integration with your systems

Power and enrich your institution’s analysis and assessment capabilities by flowing curated publication and citation data and normalized metrics into your systems.

Our solutions


Our professional team of in-house experts are commissioned by organizations worldwide to help answer complex questions through a combination of analytics expertise and quality data.

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Web of Science raw XML data

Conduct large-scale research evaluation and analytics projects using trusted data from the Web of Science.

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Web of Science APIs

Seamlessly integrate high-quality publication and citation data into your systems to power and enrich your institution’s analysis and assessment capabilities.

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Real World Data

What’s new with Web of Science APIs

Learn about our latest releases

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No matter what your industry, our consultants and custom data experts can help you

Academic institutions

Conduct large-scale research evaluation and analytics projects

  • Assess research output and performance
  • Identify emerging subject areas to focus your investment
  • Recruit experts and develop your collaboration strategy
  • Evaluate funding and demonstrate prior success to win future awards

Government agencies

Find the key trends faster for your organization’s strategic projects.

  • Conduct horizon scanning and technology scouting analyses
  • Identify KOLs and potential partners
  • Demonstrate the research impact of programs

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