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Lead research forward in a changing world.

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With development partners from academia, we are building Web of Science Research Intelligence™, a transformational new AI-native software solution that will empower researchers to accelerate innovation and research institutions to better measure and demonstrate impact. Build better teams, win more funding and tell the story of your impact with a next-generation platform developed in collaboration with the research community.

Harnessing the power of AI to advance research

Unify your data and workflows
Connect systems and data to get a 360˚ view of research faculty and streamline workflows.



Optimize your research enterprise
Accelerate your research and win more funding with dynamic scenario planning around collaborations and emerging research areas.



Grow and show your impact
Demonstrate the societal impact of your research on global and local communities to increase your institution’s resources.



How it's different

Single unified solution
Single unified solution

Single solution for funding, researcher profiles and benchmarking


AI integrated across every layer, from metadata enhancements to conversational discovery

Gold-standard linked data
Gold-standard linked data

Web of Science, plus additional publications, patents, clinical trials, policy documents and more

Societal impact framework
Societal impact framework

Narratives highlight sociological, economic, environmental, political, technological and sustainability impact

Conversational analytics
Conversational analytics

Gain insights whether you’re a data scientist or have limited analysis experience

Dynamic scenario modeling
Dynamic scenario modeling

Recruit the right people, win more funding

Proactive recommendations
Proactive recommendations

Funding, collaborations, and more

Institute for Scientific Information
Institute for Scientific Information

Over 50 years of expertise in research evaluation

Lead research forward in a changing world

Win funding in emerging research areas

Unified funding and publication data reveal opportunities where you are uniquely positioned to win

Build winning teams to maximize grant proposal success

Powerful scenario modeling capabilities enable data-informed collaboration and recruitment decisions

Ask and answer key questions intuitively

Conversational analytics empower you to gain insights whether you’re a data scientist or have limited analysis experience


We’d be happy to discuss this with you. Please reach out to us at wosripartners@clarivate.com.

University leaders often face a significant obstacle: the inability to access comprehensive data on researcher activity at scale, hindering evidence-informed decision-making. Siloed data scattered across disconnected point solutions exacerbates this issue. Moreover, the absence of indicators for the broader societal impact of research limits leaders’ ability to respond effectively to calls for research assessment reform. Our solution tackles these challenges head-on by offering institutions a single, integrated platform that provides comprehensive information on faculty research outputs, coupled with next-generation evaluation capabilities. This empowers research institutions to make informed decisions and navigate the evolving landscape of research assessment seamlessly.

AI will be integrated across every layer of the solution, from metadata enhancements to conversational discovery. An assistant powered by generative AI will communicate insights, provide an intuitive user experience, and apply advanced analytics. This will minimize administrative burden so that users can concentrate on decision-making rather than on data gathering and analysis. Use cases we plan to integrate or explore include:

  • A conversational assistant powered by generative AI: We are building an intelligent interface for analytical queries designed to make research analytics accessible to all users, regardless of their expertise level in data analysis or research evaluation.
  • Impact narratives: Demonstrating impact is about telling your story, as opposed to simply showing numbers. The assistant will do this for users by writing impact narratives that draw from both a societal impact framework as well as traditional publication and citation indicators.
  • Chart summarization: Built-in tools will provide quick, easy-to-understand summaries of charts that help users quickly grasp key insights.
  • Author matching: AI will help connect authors to their works and organizational units.
  • Funding opportunities discovery: The platform will link emerging research topics, researcher profiles and department profiles to relevant funding opportunities.

Web of Science Research Intelligence is a transformational, next generation solution. It differs from our current funding & analytics products by offering:

  • A framework to measure societal impact alongside traditional publication and citation-based metrics, offering a holistic view of research performance.
  • A conversational assistant powered by generative AI enables users to gain insights and create qualitative narratives of research impact.
  • Personalized recommendations delivered proactively through notifications, email alerts or personalized dashboards so that users can stay informed about relevant opportunities within their field.
  • Funding discovery and recommendations based on your profile or emerging research topics.
  • Team modeling capabilities that help users find the best team to make research proposals more attractive to funding agencies, or optimize team performance to drive higher-quality research outcomes.

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