On-demand Webinar

Disease epidemiology: leveraging diverse data for innovation

Exploring multi-source data for patient insights

Matt Arnold
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Shyama Ghosh
Senior Principal Content Editor for The Incidence and Prevalence Database
Atul Sharma
Lead Epidemiologist
Swarali Sunil Tadwalkar
Principal Consultant

Epidemiological intelligence helps life science companies understand the disease landscape and size global markets, enabling them to identify growth opportunities, understand how populations change over time, estimate drug-treated populations and validate investments. This webinar will explore how companies can future-proof their products and portfolios using patient population intelligence, including:

  • Why it’s important to accurately size and understand patient populations
  • The challenges of carrying out this work at scale
  • How developers working on treatments for rare and undiagnosed diseases can use these tools
  • How companies can use AI/machine learning and large language models to probe patient populations using predictive modelling, etc.