Trademark Maintenance for Corporations

Cut loose from the burden of your trademark maintenance processes

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Comprehensive maintenance of your valuable trademarks

At Clarivate, our global team of trademark professionals are available to help manage every step of your maintenance processes.

With over 50 years of experience and 1.5 million active trademarks under our management, we are a preferred choice for businesses around the world.

The industry’s most trusted maintenance provider

  1. Cut loose from your administrative burden
    Leverage 50+ years of expertise to remove the administrative renewal processes from your IP departments, and free up your staff to work on more valuable work.
  2. Remove your renewal risk
    Ensure that your most valuable IP assets are safe by removing the complex and risky renewal processes from your IP departments.
  3. Keep control of your costs
    Customize your service to work around you, with a range of service features designed to give you visibility and control of your portfolio costs.

Service features

End-to-end renewal management

Offload the payment and documentary requirements involved across the entire renewal process.

  • Leverage an agent network of over 1800, across all jurisdictions, to renew efficiently on a global scale.
  • Navigate the most time-consuming documentary tasks, such as Power of Attorney and Evidence of Use formalities, with ease.

Comprehensive data verification

Multi-layered verification of your data from the moment you onboard with us.

  • Your data is received and automatically synchronized through our systems.
  • Our dedicated team of IP experts manually verify any discrepancies against public records.
  • Our agent network will work with us to manage any inconsistencies at payment.

World class support and expertise

Unparalleled people and technology support to help you manage your portfolio effortlessly.

  • A dedicated client engagement team of 120+ ensures that there is always somebody available for you to call for support.
  • 24 offices in 12 countries means that our service is local, on a global scale.
  • Powered by the world’s largest IP laws team monitoring over 2,500 renewal laws across all jurisdictions.

A truly flexible service

Our service is built around you.

  • Customizable budget reports project renewal fees for your portfolio’s lifespan.
  • Flexible reminder and invoice settings allow you to select when reminders and invoices are generated.
  • Billing in the currency of your choice removes the need to handle multiple currency transactions.

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