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Our mission is to provide healthcare insights that change lives.

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Healthcare Business Insights

The healthcare industry is changing. Hospitals and health systems that once thrived are now struggling to control costs, increase revenues, train and retain employees and attract patients.

Healthcare Business InsightsTM provides a purpose-driven suite of solutions to address the market problems through advanced tools, valuable information and data that will solve their problems, transform their organizations and ultimately change lives.

How we help

As healthcare leaders you must:

  • Optimize performance: Identify what’s going wrong in your revenue cycle and fix it––basically we show you where the risks are in your people, process, and technology through an agile set of solutions.
  • Engage and retain employees: Uncover knowledge gaps in your team and mend the divide––we have the secret sauce to take your team from good to great.
  • Understand the market: Pair your expertise with best practices and expert insights to boost your success––reach into our bag of tricks so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We work with hospital and health system leaders to develop best practices to help you address your key business questions around the following areas:

Revenue cycle research

Tune up your revenue cycle with resources offered by Clarivate Revenue Cycle AcademyTM, including independent research, actionable best practices, and training for leadership and front-line staff in patient access, health information management, and patient financial services.

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Supply chain research

Prepare your supply chain for an expanding role in today’s value-based purchasing environment, with independent research, insights, and best practices from Clarivate Supply Chain AcademyTM.

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Cost and quality

Look to our Cost and Quality Academy for independent research, insights, and information to help your organization deliver value in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

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Learning programs

Increase revenue, improve employee performance, and enhance the patient experience through targeted learning programs that address organizational need.

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We provide consulting to help accelerate and optimize performance:


  • Future state blueprints
  • Patient collections
  • Financial clearance
  • Payroll and vendor cost containment
  • Denials management
  • Vendor selection
  • Process optimization
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation
  • Employee retention and satisfaction


  • Process workflow
  • Revenue leakage
  • Account review/audit
  • Patient and staff satisfaction
  • Vendor effectiveness
  • Staff productivity

Training and e-learning

  • Competency measurement
  • Employee certifications
  • Talent development
  • Financial assistance
  • POS collections
  • Patient negotiations
  • Local policies
  • Decision making
  • Data literacy


Increase your speed to insight with our proprietary nationwide claims data repository, data sciences, and flexible dashboards that can be created and tailored to suit your specific needs. 

Performance intelligence dashboards 

  • Executive oversight
  • Denials management
  • Account receivables
  • Call center metrics
  • POS collections effectiveness
  • Payer & vendor performance

Algorithmic analysis and data sciences 

  • Network leakage
  • Social listening
  • Digital influencer identification
  • Account segmentation
  • Pay

Your data

  • EHR 
  • ATB, Charges, Transactions 
  • ANSI Standards: 835, 837 
  • Claim Scrubber 
  • Auto Dialer 
  • Patient Surveys 

Sourced data

  • 5+ Billion Medical Claims 
  • 260 Million Unique US Patients 
  • Over 5 Years of Historical Data 
  • Allows for Longitudinal Analysis 
  • Other Organization‘s EHR Data 

Social media data

  • Search Engine Records 
  • Online Patient Communities/Forums 
  • Payer, Patient, and Physician Posts and Tweets 

Primary and secondary research

  • Public Records 
  • Formulary Data 
  • MD Interviews 
  • Clinical Trial Data 
  • Client Stakeholder Interviews 


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