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Patent Translations

The importance of every word.

Local nuances make translating patents incredibly difficult, and bad translations can reduce the scope of the patent or lead to patent rejections.

Every word in a patent claim weighs on the scope of the protection. This is why we commit to only working with translators who understand IP and have technical domain expertise.

With over 50 language combinations available, we are the one-stop-shop for all your patent translations. One contact point, one billing process, one currency.

Patent translations you can trust.

  1. Have a partner you can rely on
    Get quality translations even when deadlines are short. Our team and network regularly handle late-notice requests and deliver without compromising on quality.
  2. Streamline your filing processes.
    Decrease the complexity of your filling processes. Let us manage your filings (USPTO, EPO, WIPO, PCT national, EPV) and your translations will seamlessly flow into the cases workflows.
  3. Avoid unexpected quality issues.
    The quality assurance we use delivers consistent quality which reduces the time and effort needed to review translations.
  4. Peace of mind under pressure.
    An important goal of our translations team is to deliver the peace of mind of knowing we always deliver quality work on time and that their IP is in safe hands.

Key features

Single point of contact

Get faster acknowledgement and seamless project management by sending all your translation needs, questions, and requests to your dedicated translation manager.

Local patent experts

Get high-quality translations diligently revised by native-speaking patent attorneys under their professional liabilities. Each expert translator only works in their mother language and within their specific technical field of expertise.

Quality assurance

Our local experts go through rigorous selection process, in-depth quality reports and systematic follow-ups. We make sure our local experts apply uncompromising procedures to guarantee the quality of translations, delivering quality you can depend on.

Terminology Management.

Benefit from accelerated delivery, improved consistency, and further increased quality of your translations thanks to our terminology management system. Most technical and trade terms cannot be translated literally which is why we store field-specific glossaries and your preferred terminology.

Information security

Trust your valuable IP is in good hands. Our dedicated information security processes create a safe environment for your patent content.

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