Trademark Analytics

Obtain deep analytics from Darts-ip™ case law and CompuMark™ trademark data

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Trademark Analytics

Clarivate™ Trademark Analytics delivers custom trademark data reports that cover the whole brand lifecycle

From trademark filing strategies to litigation data and competitor activity, this new service extracts actionable intelligence from gold standard CompuMark™ trademark and Darts-ip™ case law data into actionable reports, providing you with the insights to make confident, data driven decisions.

  • Competitive Intelligence Report
    Insights into the entire trademark portfolio and litigation activities of a corporate entity/brand owner, with the option to also incorporate the patent portfolio.
  • New Brand Filing Report
    Insights into brand management dynamics and filing strategies.
  • Representatives Intelligence Report
    Insights into representative activity, success rates and reciprocity of work in and outsourcing.
  • Trademark Due Diligence
    Overview of the whole trademark portfolio changes belonging to specific entity(ies).

Analysis from experts with deep IP industry experience

Data you can trust 

  • 180+ trademark registers covering both image and word marks
  • Over 6.7 million trademark cases

Expert Insights

Develop stronger, data-driven strategies with focused results delivered by industry experts.

Clarivate Trademark Strength Index

Our expert analysis is supported by the Clarivate Trademark Strength Index, analyzing the history and activity profiles of protected brands, their geographic and market presence and their distinctiveness

Report Examples include

  • Filing activity
  • Geographic distribution
  • Prosecution and litigation activity
  • Chain of title

Trademark data in action

The power of storytelling with IP data

The strategic interrogation of IP data can unlock a wealth of valuable insights for a multitude of knowledge workers – from innovators, scientists and engineers to in-house and law-firm attorneys, to marketing teams and the C-suite.

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Top 100 New Brands 2023

The modern brand landscape is evolving fast. Brands, whether new or heritage, recognizable or unknown, are all operating in a multi-dimensional world where consumer preferences and purchasing behavior are dynamic, even unpredictable. Amidst these challenges, resourceful new brands are cutting through the noise.

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Real World Data

What’s new with Clarivate

At Clarivate, we empower IP professionals to achieve excellence by providing trustworthy, data-focused industry insights. Stay tuned to all the latest news and learn about how we aim to bring clarity to the complex.

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Real world use cases

The global trademark dataset is massive, with over 120 million marks active in the world and new ones coming to market every day. In addition, a constantly evolving litigation landscape means that brands face potential reputational challenges and business risks. Finding critical insights hidden within these datasets is an essential task.

Explore new brand filing strategies

Get insights into brand management dynamics and filing strategies including key recent brands, registration gaps and geographical coverage in order to support your client in the creation of new marketing strategies.

Understand activities of international law firms

Unmatched service integration offers insights into law firms activities and reciprocity of work in and outsourcing, as well as analysis of how successful a law firm is in litigation.

Explore key recent brands

Save time by watching only new brands , providing insight into the key recent brand launches, their status, registration gaps and which subsidiaries are actively creating new brands.

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Results vary according to complexity and length of the report. Our trademark experts are happy to meet with you to discuss content and delivery to best suit your needs.

Access the entire Darts-ip and CompuMark data collection. With 9.5M+ cases from over 4,000 courts and 180+ trademark word and image registers, our experts provide insight into the wider world of trademarks.

Our litigation services team members, who help prepare and deliver Trademark Analytics, are IP professionals with a background in datamining and trademarks. Deeply trained on the dataset and qualified to speak to IP litigation matters, our team puts a combined 25+ years of experience at your disposal.

Clarivate™ Trademark Analytics delivers custom trademark data analytics reports in a curated, easy to understand, interactive and highly readable format. Accessible as interactive, navigable reports you can visualize the data in the way that suits you best!

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