Case Law Search Services

Gain deep insights into IP case data, on-demand. Request custom IP case law data searches from our litigation services experts to rapidly answer your most complex questions.

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Case Law Search Services

Order custom case law data searches from our IP experts. Tailor your search by jurisdiction, country or area of IP.

Work directly with a Clarivate litigation services expert to find the data you need in any of the six IP modules of Darts-ip™ (trademark, patent, copyright, domain names, design, unfair competition)
covering over 9.5 million IP cases.

  • Get global case law insights delivered to your inbox
    Global case law search results are exported and consolidated into PDF format and accompanied by an easy summary document delivered right to your inbox.
  • Assess risk and identify opportunities to tailor your IP strategy
    Our IP Litigation experts consult directly with you to create the perfect case law search to find the information you need.
  • Expert IP litigation insight from industry experts
    Our team of IP litigation experts have over 10 years’ experience.
  • Stay up to date, easily
    We can deliver a one-time report, or keep you updated with regularly delivered new information, ensuring you get the case law data insights you need to make confident data-driven strategic decisions.

Ask our IP litigation experts for case law insights

Case Law Search Services offers flexible service, deep insights and customizable deliverables to meet your needs.

Jurisdictional insights

  • Courts
  • Level of instance
  • Active jurisdictions

IPR insights

  • Type of intellectual property right
  • Document type
  • Action type

Summarized results

Our experts not only share the result set with you but provide a summary with highlights, key elements and most relevant cases.

Case law in action

Helping an intellectual property law firm stay a step ahead

How a boutique IP law firm can compete with large, global firms

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Using IP case data in trademark research

In this webinar, three IP practitioners discuss how IP case data adds critical insight for proactively assessing risk and informing defense strategies.

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Design and Model Litigation: A review of the last decade

Drawing informed insights from IP case data and intelligence

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No matter what your industry, Case Law Search Services can help you.

Law Firms

Comprehensive data. Confident advice.

Darts-ip provides the intelligence, insights and resources to support your practice and strategic approach. Deliver quality advice and outstanding client service with our technology and expertise.


Rapid, comprehensive strategic insight.

Assess litigation risks, spot opportunities and identify threats to support your organization’s business goals and growth. Darts-ip provides actionable IP intelligence that helps you make confident IP and legal decisions and anticipate future developments.


Enhanced advice for better protection.

You advise your clients on their IP strategies and legal IP issues. You help identify assets to protect and point out any litigation or legal risks. Our Case Law Search service gives you valuable insight on-demand. Insight that helps you deliver better client advice and maximize the potential of your clients’ IP portfolios.


Preparing to innovate.

IP assets are valuable resources for the pharmaceutical industry. Assets that must be secured. Our Case Law Search service helps you assess risk, identify opportunities and drive innovation.

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Standard searches are delivered within 1 – 2 business days. But an expedited same-day option is available for urgent queries.

Our Case Law Search Services give you access to the entire Darts-ip data collection. With 9.5M+ cases from over 4,000 courts, our experts provide insight into a world of IP litigation data.

Our litigation services team members, who help prepare and deliver Case Law Data Searches, are IP professionals with a background in litigation and IP Law. Deeply trained on the Darts-ip dataset and qualified to speak to IP litigation matters, our team puts 10+ years of experience at your disposal.

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