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Expert patent research for high confidence patentability, freedom to operate and validity decisions.

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Patent Search Services

The patent search partner you can trust

Our team of 270+ search professionals combine technical domain knowledge with patent expertise to provide search results you can trust to make patentability, FTO and validity decisions with confidence.

  • Scale your team without compromising quality
    Free up your team and accelerate your innovation pipeline. Your projects are matched to patent searchers with industry expertise for results that are more relevant and comprehensive.
  • Customized prior art searches focused on your goals
    We build a patent search strategy focused on your specific objectives using a consultative approach.
  • Highly relevant results without the noise
    Patent searchers use multiple patent, scientific literature, industry-specific and proprietary databases to identify the most centrally-related references.
  • Invalidity searches that leave no stone unturned
    Avoid litigation with Scour the Earth® invalidity searches. Comprehensive search strategies cover all relevant jurisdictions, languages, as well as physical and unconventional sources.

Unparalleled people, technology and data resources to provide you with the right results

Technology expertise

270+ experts, 60%+ with advanced degrees, covering all technology sectors

IP expertise

Searchers average 10 years’ experience, 1 in 4 trained as patent examiners, paralegals, patent agents or patent attorneys

Unparalleled database access

30+ patent and scientific literature databases, including 10 proprietary databases

Proprietary search methods

Developed and refined over 60 years of patent search experience that focuses on searcher ingenuity

Native language coverage

Native language searches covering 18 languages


Better decisions at every stage of the innovation life cycle

Improve the speed of your decisions and the productivity of your patent and R&D teams

Patentability search

Identify references that disclose the same, or similar, inventions with a thorough search of global patent publications and nonpatent literature. Determine if claims should be revised and make informed decisions on whether to proceed with a patent filing.

Knock-out Patentability search

Compare key features of an invention to relevant prior art in global patent publications and non-patent literature. Evaluate the strength of the invention and determine if claims should be revised to improve patentability.

Patent (in)Validity search

Defend patent infringement assertion claims with confidence with a comprehensive global prior art search. Assess a patent’s validity before responding to patent infringement assertions or to obtain bargaining power when entering into a licensing agreement. Strength-test your own patents before enforcement or when considering M&A due diligence.

Freedom to Operate Search

Assess whether there are any active or pending patents that would prevent you from making, selling or importing your product or process in jurisdictions of interest. Evaluate infringement risk and make informed decisions regarding design changes and licensing to optimize product development.

State of the art search

Understand the current state of innovation and the pace at which it is evolving. Provides a summary of prior art and scientific literature in a particular technology sector or subcategory.

Patent monitoring and watch

Get notified when competitors file a new patent application in any of 100+ jurisdictions. Track filings from application to grant. Receive an alert when a patent receives a new citation, is allowed to lapse or is included in a litigation.

USPTO biological sequence listing preparation

Efficient preparation of biological sequence listing in standardized format, either ST.25 TXT or ST.26 XML. Our robust quality control and review ensures high quality, error free delivery.

Directed Prosecution

Provides recommended amendments to a patent application or continuation to help ensure the key elements most likely to provide evidence of use are included. (Available for English language patent applications.)

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Our patent search team has access to 30+ patent and scientific literature databases, including 10 propriety sources such as Derwent Innovation, Innography, SequenceBase, DWPI, Web of Science, Proquest, and Darts-IP, and the ability to conduct physical searches of technical libraries from our 11+ global offices and extensive agent network.

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Yes, our team of 270+ covers all major technology categories and allows us to match a researcher with domain expertise to your particular project. 63% of our researchers have an advanced degree (Masters, Ph.D.) and have on average 10+ years of patent search experience.

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