Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence

Accelerate development with complete preclinical drug intelligence

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Make confident R&D decisions and avoid late-stage failures

Accelerate preclinical development and avoid late-stage failures with drug intelligence that integrates multi-source biological, chemical and pharmacological data into one platform.

Identify the likelihood of drug submission success with a broad, deep and comprehensive source of R&D intelligence that has been manually curated, validated and shared using a solution built by scientists for scientists.

How we help

  1. Focus exclusively on pharma and drug development intelligence
    Avoid costly mistakes and learn from the success of your peers with comprehensive coverage of pipeline data, patents, literature and conferences all manually curated by a team of PhD- and MD-level research scientists.
  2. Identify, validate and prioritize targets and biomarkers
    Drive innovation and support earlier decision making when developing hypotheses for new targets, drugs and biomarkers with intelligence that covers the whole drug discovery lifecycle from early-stage development to launch.
  3. Understand metabolic pathways and anticipate toxicity events
    Explore active metabolites and uncover desired pharmacological or off-target activity in humans and animal models, and anticipate toxicity and safety events based on drugs in the same class.

Why choose us

Comprehensive scientific pipeline database

  • Granular target and MOA information as well as extensive pre-clinical and clinical biomarker data
  • 709K+ drugs and biologics
  • 47K+ biomarkers
  • 49K+ genes and targets
  • 222K experimental models
  • 3.4M+ pharmacological studies
  • 3.1M+ publication reference

Fully searchable, indexed data

  • Search, browse and export data by drug name, disease areas, chemical structure and more
  • Supplement and enhance searches with fully integrated information on companies and research institutes, current biomedical literature and the most recent patient literature
  • Content indexed using controlled vocabulary lists to support better search strategies

User friendly workflow tool

  • Intuitive, one-click suite of applications
  • Customized dashboards for a quick overview of drug or patent landscape and exportable presentation graphics
  • Reliable, quick and comprehensive view of an indication and its potential
  • Daily updates and alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest research

Seamless, direct linking

  • Seamlessly link to other reputable scientific resources
  • Link to detailed clinical trial data in Cortellis Clinical Trial Intelligence and safety alerts in OFF-X
  • Easy navigation to all related relevant information around a drug, condition and target

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