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Medtech intelligence solutions

Medtech market dynamics and customer influences are fast-changing and highly complex, demanding that device companies evolve their medtech commercialization strategies and answer new types of business questions.

Clarivate makes it easier and quicker for you to get accurate, timely data and confident answers for your stakeholders and medtech commercialization planning needs. Here are a few reasons leading medtech companies partner with us:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive and accurate data repository, including claims / EHR, healthcare provider affiliations, purchase order data, hospital device usage, epidemiology and more
  • Global medtech market experts across 80+ device areas and data scientists to vet and triangulate multiple sources for contextually-driven answers
  • Complete transparency into the sources and methodologies behind our medtech insights
  • Prompt responses to client questions and collaborative sessions to maximize solution value
  • Comprehensive medtech commercialization solutions spanning data, on-demand intelligence, custom analytics and advisory, and learning

As the medtech industry evolves, we’re adapting and growing with our client partners. We continuously invest in the data, technology, and talent necessary to help you win today’s markets. Your success is our success.

How we help

Our data and experts support your decisions across the medtech commercialization spectrum

Strategic portfolio planning

Medtech teams have to make tough portfolio planning decisions while navigating a complex and fast-changing business environment, factoring in M&A activity, challenging pricing and purchasing conditions, mounting regulatory hurdles, and evolving customer dynamics.

Our data and market experts take out the guesswork, so you can focus on planning innovative solutions and driving portfolio success.

Launch strategy

The device launch playbook is transforming. The commercial environment is being upended by market disruptions, including emerging medtech innovation models, mounting access and regulatory hurdles, healthcare delivery transformation, and tech- and data-enabled care and stakeholder engagement.

Our data and experts make launch decisions easier for you, so you can focus on getting the right devices to the right patients.

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Commercial effectiveness

Medtech commercial teams are evolving which stakeholders to focus on and how to best engage them. Companies need a more comprehensive account targeting approach, going beyond just procedural volumes to also include affiliations, true patient reach, influence mapping, referral patterns, and more. They must go further than communicating on just product features, and incorporate data-driven value messages highlighting economic and patient outcomes, tailored to a complex mix of stakeholders across multiple communication channels.

Our data and experts make this commercial evolution easier for you, so you can focus on building better relationships with your stakeholders.

Market access

Market access is becoming a critical component of medtech strategy with the rise of value-based care, shifting customer dynamics, regulatory hurdles, and intense scrutiny on the costs and benefits of innovative technologies. Many companies struggle to navigate this complex and rapidly-evolving access environment.

Our data and experts guide you through challenging market access scenarios, so you can focus on delivering the best care to the right patients.

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Product lifecycle management

Medtech teams must navigate a fast-changing business environment in managing products, factoring in M&A activity, challenging pricing and purchasing conditions, mounting regulatory hurdles, and evolving customer dynamics.

Our data and market experts take out the guesswork, so you can focus on maximizing device return and increasing patient access.

Medtech Insights and information, backed by robust data

Our Research Intelligence Cloud makes it easier for you to collect, analyze and gain precise, actionable medtech insights across the entire R&D lifecycle, meaning you can make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  1. Access billions of data points from thousands of sources through a single source
  2. Inform better decision-making with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across your teams with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations

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