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Research Security Solutions

Safeguard your research enterprise and maintain research integrity with the world’s most trusted bibliometric data.

Research is vital to help advance government initiatives and achieve important national outcomes. Governments need research security solutions to ensure there is no misappropriation of research and development, violations of research integrity, or foreign government interference while working closely with other agencies, universities, law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Clarivate data and technology solutions are an important piece of the research ecosystem, supporting government agencies, funders, institutes of higher education, non-profit research institutions and corporate partners.  Our rigorous, evidence-based approach to identifying, mitigating, and preventing risks enables your agancy to better meet your research security goals.

We provide core datasets from diverse sources across research and analytics, academia, life sciences and healthcare, intellectual property, and commercial industries to help you better assess research risks, identify potential weaknesses, and make corrections.  Our data is supported by:

  • Analytical tools
  • Modelling capabilities
  • Indicators
  • Standardized data linkage capabilities
  • Consulting expertise

Clarivate global data & services can help you:

  • Support disclosure requirements using reliable data across the research ecosystem
  • Assess conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment among researchers and research organizations applying for Federal R&D (Research & Development) awards.
  • Understand a researcher’s profile across publications, grants, patents, and more
  • Identify current and past research collaborations and funding relationships
  • Populate disclosures using well-known, trusted information
  • Utilize industry standard persistent identifiers used by government agencies and publishers

The Web of Science Core Collection database provides visibility into the network of researchers around the world based on its multidisciplinary coverage of 22,000 scholarly journals and thousands of books and conferences back to 1900. Indexing of all author names and affiliations enables thorough collaboration analysis. Funding acknowledgements enable the tracing of funding sources for researchers and institutions. Full citation indexing provides a vast network of otherwise hidden relationships. Author profiles help to identify individuals within the data.

Regional-focused journal literature databases are available for China, South Korea, Latin America, and Arab countries. These sources include local language metadata, e.g., Chinese and English in the Chinese Science Citation Database.

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, the world’s most comprehensive curated collection of multi-disciplinary dissertations and theses, offering over 5 million records and 3 million full-text works from thousands of universities.

Derwent World Patent Index and Derwent patents Citation Index offer unique value-added patent information indexed from over 50 patent issuing authorities. Patents from different authorities are grouped into patent families, and expert editors write descriptive titles and abstracts for easy retrieval and analysis.

Discover over 16 million datasets and data studies from over 450 global data repositories in Data Citation Index. Analyze datasets from around the world, across disciplines, with indexing of author names and institutional affiliations.

Metadata on over 5 million awarded grants from government and non-profit sources globally through Pivot RP.

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