Strategic portfolio planning

Plan innovative solutions and drive portfolio value, guided by the industry’s most accurate data and trusted medtech experts

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Strategic portfolio planning

Medtech teams have to make tough portfolio planning decisions while navigating a complex and fast-changing business environment, factoring in M&A activity, challenging pricing and purchasing conditions, mounting regulatory hurdles, and evolving customer dynamics.

Complicating this process, medtech market data can be particularly murky and difficult to validate.

Our data and market experts take out the guesswork, so you can focus on planning innovative solutions and driving portfolio success:

  • Increase confidence in market models with accurate data and transparent methodologies
  • Maximize portfolio value with expert guidance throughout the planning cycle
  • Edge out competitors by staying on top of the latest market updates and emerging trends
  • Save time with on-demand intelligence and prompt, customized follow up

How we help

Market assessment

Always have fresh, comprehensive and accurate view of your key markets

  • 10-year forecasts, regions driving growth, market dynamics and readiness, future trends
  • Intel on market opportunity and segmentation; procedures, patients and sites of care to inform market entry decisions
  • 80+ device markets and 50+ countries covered
  • Top-down, bottom-up methodology conducted by team of device market and data experts:
    • Diverse set of data leveraged including industry and KOL interviews, hospital purchasing databases, claims and electronic health records, country-level epidemiology, and secondary sources
    • Complete hospital claims and ASC data coverage directly from CMS
    • Medtech market expertise to ensure correct mapping between procedure codes and device, procedure or disease categories

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Patient segmentation and journey mapping

Identify opportunities to influence device choice and drive positive health outcomes

  • Integrated analysis provides a comprehensive view of the clinical, financial, attitudinal, and informational aspects of the journey – covering the “what” and “why” of key events
  • Leverages diverse data sets for a holistic view of disease progression and physician interactions, including claims and EHR, primary market research and social intelligence
  • Visibility into 300+ million patients (over 3 years), with the ability to link multiple aspects of the patient care experience

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New device and solution design

Prioritize the solutions and features that will drive stakeholder purchasing and uptake decisions

  • Market experts and commercial strategists use quantitative and qualitative methodologies to assess the opportunity and market impact for new devices and technologies
  • New device concept and market receptivity testing to identify key factors among stakeholders
  • Competitor overview and white space analysis
  • Evidence, outcomes, and design recommendations

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Next-generation iteration planning

Plan device enhancements that will increase market position and defend against new entrants

  • Quantitative and qualitative data-driven direction or validation on features to prioritize for product iteration
  • Provider and payer interviews identify the enhancements that will increase access and usage
  • Competitor overview and white space analysis

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Obsolescence evaluation

Maximize portfolio revenue by optimizing your product launches and sunsetting

  • Robust assessment of portfolio, current and future competitors, and emerging market trends
  • Direction for optimal product launch and sunsetting timing and sequencing
  • Deep therapeutic knowledge, device expertise and on-demand market overviews differentiate us from other vendors – we’re already up to speed on your markets

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Due diligence assessment

Increase confidence in your M&A decisions with robust opportunity assessments

  • Company target identification and evaluation to identify greatest opportunities for acquisition
  • Detailed review of companies to determine if they are poised for future growth from a product portfolio, organizational structure and synergy perspective
  • Assessment of target companies’ markets to understand future stakeholder product preferences, dynamics and access climate, and emerging competitors

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