Artificial Intelligence you can trust to transform your world

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Artificial Intelligence you can trust to transform your world

How we approach Artificial Intelligence at Clarivate

At Clarivate, our mission is to advance the success of people and organizations through transformative intelligence and trusted partnership. We aim to build a lasting legacy by supporting the world’s explorers, researchers and innovators to help people and our planet for years to come.

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps us deliver on this mission.

AI is already an integral part of our business. Our data offers valuable insights that customers would not be able to access without the help of AI models. The data we use is normalized, correlated and translated by AI to provide meaningful information.

The following principles show how we approach the use and development of AI at Clarivate, in trusted partnership with our customers and industry partners, empowering them to achieve great outcomes.

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At Clarivate we create, develop, and use artificial intelligence that is:

We respect the privacy and data protection rights of individuals and the intellectual property assets rights of asset holders. Your data belongs to you, and your content belongs to you.

We are thoughtful and transparent with our customers about our use of AI. When creating automated AI-supported processes, we only use your data under the rights, terms and conditions that you have already agreed with us.

Likewise, our terms and conditions lay out the requirements for our customers’ use of our AI solutions and data. We are transparent about how our AI works, so that users can understand model outputs.

Our AI solutions are reliable and high-quality because they rely on the best data available. We have access to billions of data points, which are carefully selected and linked by our experts. These data enable our advanced algorithms and models to enhance our information and provide valuable insights, services and workflow solutions. We do not use licensed content to train public LLM and AI.

Our customers trust that AI tools applied in conjunction with our best-in-class data and content will deliver accurate, timely and relevant results.

We are fiercely protective of data and content from all sources, to ensure the privacy and security of our customers and partners.

We conduct threat modelling on our products, code reviews as part of the application development lifecycle, and routine risk assessments to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities. We also have a 24/7 monitoring and incident response capability against potential security threats to our customers and our business.

We know that algorithms can be influenced by unfair bias, and we work hard to reduce such bias. With appropriate and accountable human oversight, AI-based technology can enrich expertise while mitigating the risks.

We have an internal approvals process that ensures checks and balances before using generative AI with any of our products or services (or before allowing any third party to use our content and products within their use of generative AI).

We involve our customer advisory boards, user groups and other stakeholders in gathering requirements, validating results, and aligning on our vision.

We test our AI solutions and tools with our customers to ensure we deliver results that give them the confidence to make critical decisions and achieve their goals.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the AI landscape, we constantly review and evolve these principles as technology, regulations and industry changes.

For more information on Clarivate and artificial intelligence, contact us directly.

Bill Graff - AI at Clarivate


AI is already deeply embedded in our business at Clarivate, and we will continue to look for ways to enhance our solutions and services using the very latest tools.
Bill Graff
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Clarivate

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