Fingertip Formulary™ Suite

Formulary data and interactive tools to track your brands vs. competitors

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Market access has become increasingly complex and streamlining patient access to drugs is more difficult than ever.

Market access Fingertip Formulary™ Suite offers an enterprise level market access platform for today’s healthcare environment that offers rich, comprehensive views of the data required to analyse and navigate barriers to access.

Leverage a single source of truth to align workgroups with common data on payers, providers and patients and build organizational confidence around your data.

The best data available for each high stakes market access decision

Fingertip Formulary™ Suite data is sourced directly from health plans by pharmacists daily, allowing you to move forward with speed and confidence.

  1. Get a complete view of formulary status
    Find out where your brands sit on formularies—and benchmark the competition through our robust, comprehensive datasets and easy to use interface
  2. View our data from every angle
    Split out coverage numbers by drug class, segment, geography or brand to see the full picture
  3. Gain an in-depth market understanding
    Build informed and enhanced pull-through and promotion strategies
  4. Identify opportunities and challenges.
    Evaluate past, current and future brand performance with accurate, real-time formulary data

Complimentary tools to move forward with confidence

Fingertip Restrictions™

Leverage the only data set that shows exactly who can access your therapies, and how, with granular data on payers, local markets, and specific indications.

  • Understand the barriers to access for any drug and adjust your sales approach as needed at both national and local levels.
  • Analyse indication specific data on utilization management practices of payers, particularly around specialty drugs, to optimize payer contracting, enhance physician engagement and more.
  • Sort and filter by treatment area, product, location, insurance type and employer-Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) affiliation.

Fingertip Analytics™

Gain comprehensive insight into formulary coverage and positioning with an interactive tool

  • Evaluate and understand product formulary positioning and the competitive market
  • Create and customize report metrics that provide targeted, in-depth side-by-side pharmacy and medical coverage analysis​
  • Discover deep insights by quickly changing your search criteria and report view as you analyze the complete formulary universe

Fingertip Accounts™

Understand the competitive landscape of your key accounts to effectively drive brand positioning with Fingertip Accounts.

  • Access profiling data, key decision makers, PBM and state-wide pharmaceutical program (SPP) affiliations along with formulary and enrollment information to assist users in the development of strategic marketing plans
  • Accurate and current formulary data to ensure insight into your product portfolio in the changing Market Access landscape
  • Comprehensive PBM and SPP functions and affiliations combined with formulary coverage
  • Side by side Pharmacy and Medical coverage

Fingertip Publisher™

Purpose-built for provider field sales teams, fingertip publisher supplies real-time brand access messaging.

  • Deliver the most up to date coverage and policy detail information about your brand to the providers in your territory.
  • Email physicians directly through Veeva using custom designed publisher templates for greater efficiency.
  • View, print or email your pull through promotional piece in a single environment, configured to your business rules.

Fingertip Alerts™

Real time formulary updates to enhance plan discussions.

  • Customizable by user to receive only the alerts that are relevant to them​.
  • See all the previous day’s formulary updates in one place.

The impact of COVID-19 on U.S. health coverage

The effects of COVID-19 have had a noticeable impact on insurance coverage across the United States and some markets are being impacted more heavily than others due to various factors such as composition of the local economy, Medicaid expansion status and rate of recovery.

Download our e-book to find out what to expect as the economy continues to recover and understand the implications for your access and customer engagement strategies at broad and local levels.

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