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Patent Intelligence

Transform the way you create, protect and commercialize innovation

  • Evaluate patentability, FTO or invalidity with confidence
    Patent search results you can trust – from powerful search software and premier global patent data or our team of expert researchers.
  • Make more informed R&D decisions
    Uncover high value whitespace, find new development partners and leading innovators, and identify emerging technology trends.
  • Accelerate your innovation pipeline
    270+ experts to perform high quality clearance searches, screen inventions, draft patents and manage prosecution correspondence.
  • Optimize your patent portfolio
    Make more informed maintenance decisions, evaluate risk, identify emerging threats, monitor competitors and determine where to focus filing activity.
  • Unlock more value from your patent portfolio
    Identify your highest value assets, identify new licensing opportunities, and achieve higher value partnership and M&A deals.

The right insights for faster, higher confidence decisions

Patent Search Results you can trust

Proven search technology combined with the premier source of patent data used by 40+ PTOs, the Derwent World Patent Index, for more relevant search results

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Unmatched patent data quality

Full text, translated patent data from 76 jurisdictions, reliable legal status data, and normalized assignee and company data verified from multiple sources

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Review patents quickly

Abstracts written by subject matter experts clearly summarize novelty, use and advantage for more than 58m+ inventions to help you quickly determine if a publication is relevant

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Gain a deeper understanding of your patent landscape

Correlated patent data lets you easily compare companies’ inventor output, technology focus areas, patent portfolio strength, and litigation activity

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Learn how Innography helps Pure Storage strengthen their IP defense

With Innography, Pure Storage is able to easily identify and assess potential threats, enabling faster defensive responses.

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Our products

Derwent Innovation

Trusted patent search software for high confidence decisions

Derwent SequenceBase

Biological sequence patent search software

Patent Search Services

Expert patent research for more confident patentability, FTO and (in)validity decisions


Secure, enterprise-wide patent search application



Trusted patent search software for high confidence decisions


China-focused patent research software

Patent Analytics Services

Expert patent analysis for smarter innovation, IP and strategy decisions

Derwent Data Analyzer

Analytics software built for patent data

Derwent World Patents Index

Summarizing and indexing the world’s inventions from global patent data

Derwent Chemical Patents Index

Manual abstracting and indexing of the world’s chemical patents


Comprehensive, curated and annotated GENESEQ biological sequences

Global Patent Data

Comprehensive global patent data, corrected and normalized

What our customers say

Learn how Derwent Innovation helps Asahi Kasei make more informed R&D decisions

With Derwent Innovation, Asahi Kasei is able to better understand their industry’s technology landscape

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The Derwent World Patents Index is a comprehensive database of the inventions described by the world’s patents. The DWPI team captures patent publications from 59 authorities, translates them into English, corrects errors, normalizes inventor and assignee data, and indexes the record using 322 technology classes.

Additionally, DWPI subject matter experts create a descriptive title and abstract for each invention family (58m+ to date) that clearly states the invention’s novelty, use and advantage. DWPI makes it easier for you to find, review and analyze the most relevant patent publications.

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With our patent intelligence solutions, we connect many different types of patent data to help you capture a more accurate, more comprehensive view of your patent landscape.

Some of the additional data that we connect to the patent record in Derwent Innovation and Innography includes predicted legal status, normalized ultimate parent / assignee, whether the patent is involved in litigation from over 140+ jurisdictions, and whether the patent is assigned EP B with Unitary Effect. The applicable DWPI title and abstract is also connected to the patent record.

Innography also includes the proprietary PatentStrength score. PatentStrength considers 30+ factors and compares these factors against 145m+ global patent publications to produce a normalized score of 0-100, which helps you quickly identify the most important patents.

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Yes, our team of 270+ covers all major technology categories and allows us to match a researcher with domain expertise to your particular project. 63% of our researchers have an advanced degree (Masters, Ph.D.) and have on average 10+ years of patent search experience.

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