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Strategic medtech commercial targeting

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Identify high-value customers

Understand where patients are receiving treatments and where medical procedures are performed to improve device marketing strategy and enhance the patient experience.

Uncover where and how often the activity of interest is performed to strengthen commercial targeting.

With extensive coverage in the U.S. and Europe, Procedure Finder provides the broadest geographic coverage of facility-level volume data in the market.

Clarivate (formerly Decision Resources Group) gives you greater clarity and deeper insight and understanding as you create your commercial targeting and marketing strategies.

We can help you

  1. Grow market segments
    Identify strategic opportunities for growth based on relevant medical procedure and diagnostic volumes.
  2. See the medical device sales potential by account
    Understand facility-level procedure and diagnosis volumes to give you a tactical edge in any marketing or sales function.
  3. Reach the right audience
    Accurately and efficiently target sales efforts, marketing materials and tactics.
  4. Monitor sales performance
    Measure company performance by account and health system by integrating Clarivate analytics capabilities.

Unmatched data and expertise

Medical technology expertise

Data is paired with expert-driven procedure and diagnosis code-level taxonomies, so outputs are organized into market-relevant useful segments.

Broad geographic coverage

U.S. and Europe coverage enables users to quickly understand where to focus commercial and marketing activity.

Ease of access

Deliverables include an easy-to-use dashboard providing detailed landscape by specific populations and procedures of interest.

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