European Patent Validations

A streamlined validation process enabled by technology delivering efficiencies and cost savings.

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European patent validations expertly executed.

Validating a European patent is mostly an administration process and involves a multitude of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Working in partnership with our agent network across every EPO member, extension, and validation states, we take that burden off your shoulders while helping you reduce the associated costs.

Quality is built at the core of our service which delivers perfect execution and peace of mind even on short notice.


  1. Know your validations are processed in time with care and precision.
    The internal processes we have designed and progressively bettered over years of continuous improvement mean our clients always know they are in good hands.
  2. Relieve your support team of the administrative burden.
    Validating a European patent is mostly an administrative process and involves lots of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Your team will appreciate the help, freeing them to take on more productive tasks.

Key features

Premium agent network

Our premium network of agents are constantly evaluated for the quality of their work and the competitiveness of their fees. We offer complete jurisdictional coverage so we can execute all your requests, no matter the location.

Ready-to-be-signed power of attorney forms

Download pre-filled power of attorney forms in a batch, ready to be signed. The harmonized and bilingual format of these simplifies the approval process and makes it easier.

Single instruction, single invoice

File in multiple countries with one set of instructions and consolidate multiple currency quotes into a single invoice.

Experience with late-notice instructions

Flexibility is core to our service. Ten percent of instructions that we handle are received less than two weeks before the deadline so we can guarantee the safe processing of late instructions.

Quality and reliability

Quality is at the heart of our processes.

  • All our translations are revised by patent attorneys under their professional liabilities.
  • We have ISO 9001 certified processes, with quality a core principle in the way we manage our organization.
  • Our team formally checks translations and filing receipts for accuracy. We detect any inconsistencies and fix them with the agents.

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