Context is critical when
making key IP decisions.

Darts-ip is a comprehensive, searchable IP cases solution. We serve law firms, IP offices and companies around the world, selected for our unmatched solutions and expertise. Our AI-powered analytics help you unlock valuable insights. With Darts-ip, assess risks, understand trends, spot opportunities and make confident IP and business decisions.

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Who we serve

From identifying and protecting IP assets to building a global litigation strategy, Darts-ip can help.

Law firms

Comprehensive data. Confident advice.

Darts-ip provides the intelligence, insights and resources to support your practice and strategic approach. Deliver quality advice and outstanding client service with our technology and expertise.

Darts-ip for law firms

Corporate legal departments

Robust IP protection.

The business counts on you to assess litigation risks, and to spot opportunities and threats to support your organization’s business goals and growth. Darts-ip provides actionable IP intelligence that helps you make confident IP and legal decisions and anticipate future developments.

Darts-ip for in-house counsel

IP managers

IP’s central role in strategic decision making.

Today’s IP managers play a key role in building and protecting IP portfolios. We deliver curated data and enriched insights to help build your IP litigation strategy and inform strategic business and operational decisions.

Darts-ip for IP managers


Better advice. Better protection.

You advise your clients on their IP strategies and legal IP issues. You help identify assets to protect and point out any litigation or legal risks. Our solutions and analytics give you valuable insight. Insight that helps you deliver better client advice and maximize the potential of your clients’ IP portfolios.

Darts-ip for attorneys

Paralegals or law librarians

Research faster. Research smarter.

Harness the power of Darts-ip solutions for the most comprehensive view of copyright, design, patent and trademark issues. Be the IP case data expert within your organization, with new, timely insights at your fingertips.

Darts-ip for paralegals or law librarians


Protect your innovation.

IP assets are valuable resources for the pharmaceutical industry. Assets that must be secured. Our solutions help you manage and protect your IP portfolio, identify opportunities and drive innovation.

Darts-ip for pharma

Explore our Global IP Case Data

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Meet our products

Leverage the full power of case data with Darts-ip through our advanced IP solutions. Access data directly and run custom searches through our unique platform, or ask us to delve into our data set to provide you with custom reports exploring the world of IP. Our global data is also accessible through our data partnerships with industry leaders and can be integrated to your platform to add a new layer of case data!

IP cases platform

Over 34,000 IP professionals around the world rely on Darts-ip’s platform to support their prosecution and litigation activities.

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Reports and analytics

We deliver custom reports that help you identify trends, answer complex questions and make confident decisions based on Darts-ip global data and AI-powered analytics.

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An integrated view

Tap into the combined power of Darts-ip global litigation data that is integrated with CompuMark trademark and Derwent patent solutions. Contact us to ask about integrating Darts-ip’s case data into your platform.

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