End-to-end IP lifecycle management for corporate IP teams

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Manage your IP portfolio like never before

IPfolio is the end-to-end IP Lifecycle Management Solution for corporate IP teams that need maximum control with minimum effort.

This powerful and flexible cloud-based solution enables you to manage your IP operations from a centralized hub. Instant access to connected tools and market-leading Clarivate data empower you to make confident decisions, faster and more efficiently. Eliminate time consuming manual tasks with automated capabilities that save time and effort.

Experience the future of IP Lifecycle Management now, with IPfolio.

Give your business a competitive edge

  1. Maximize operational efficiency
    Empower busy IP teams to keep up with increasing filing and data volumes. Save time and money by eliminating manual tasks such as data entry and repetitive steps through workflow and process automation.
  2. Get actionable insights
    Plan and act strategically with analytical insights based on clean, reliable data that enable more informed IP decisions. Easy access to Clarivate IP data helps provide a single source of truth across your IP lifecycle.
  3. Improve collaboration
    Connect your IP ecosystem with IPfolio. Collaborate and interact seamlessly with inventors, outside counsel, and other stakeholders from any device in a connected IP ecosystem.

Key features

Maximize operational efficiency of your IP team

Keep pace with increasing filing and data volumes and eliminate manual processes. ​

  • Access everything in one place – inventions, patents, trademarks, domain names, and copyrights.
  • Automate reports, due date calculations, issue awards, task-based assignments.
  • Meet changing requirements easily with flexible configuration options.

Collaborate through connected services and integrations

Collaborate seamlessly with inventors, outside counsel, and other stakeholders in a connected IP ecosystem. ​

  • Unmatched service integration offers instant access to a range of tools and data for all your IP assets.
  • IPfolio integrates with the tools you use every day for enterprise legal management (ELM), eSignature and more.

Experience intuitive design and flexible configuration

IPfolio is easily configurable to meet the unique and changing needs of small and large IP portfolio sizes.

  • Leveraging the Salesforce.com platform makes IPfolio highly secure, reliable and easy to update.
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive IP management system update projects.

Reduce risk with reliable data

Act confidently with cleaner, more reliable, consistent data. ​

  • Minimize the risk associated with data errors with access to industry-leading Clarivate IP data.
  • Leverage automated data verification and enrichment to help ensure accuracy and allow seamless auto-docketing.

Act on analytical insights

Make smarter IP decisions and plan strategically with IP data and analytical insights. ​

  • Access real-time decision support with embedded analytics.
  • Improve analysis and collaboration with stakeholders through insightful data visualizations.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards quickly and easily.

IPfolio + Innography

A single source of truth for everyone involved with building, protecting and maximizing your company’s IP – resulting in increased productivity, deeper insights, and allowing decisions to be made with speed and confidence.

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Data company deploys IPfolio and Innography to transform IP portfolio management and drive defensive strategies

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