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Monitor the research landscape

Monitor the research landscape
  1. Detect emerging science trends
    Browse trending topics—Research Fronts—or benchmark top research performance with the same data used to accurately predict Nobel Prize winners since 2002.
  2. Identify leading research
    Track the upper echelon of research across 22 broad categories.
  3. Find collaborators
    Locate potential partners by quickly generating rankings of regions and institutions publishing highly cited research in your field.

Simple, out of the box research analysis

Simple, out of the box research analysis
  1. Reliable data foundation
    Essential Science Indicators is sourced from the uniquely curated, meticulously indexed publications data in Web of Science Core Collection. Our normalized metrics are built with high quality data and reliable baselines to help you accurately identify top performing research.
  2. Clear indicators
    Easy-to-use Hot Paper and Highly Cited Paper indicators provide a simple, straightforward way to identify the most impactful papers in a field and stay up to date.
  3. Web of Science integration
    Through integration with the Web of Science platform, you can focus a search on recent, influential publications with quick filters.

Analyze scientific literature

12 M


12000 +



Key research fields

1 %

Highly Cited Papers™ reflect the top 1% of papers by field and publication year

0.1 %

Hot Papers are published within the last two years and are cited in the top 0.1% in a current bimonthly period



Our expert analysts have used unique, trusted Web of Science™ citation data to identify Citation Laureates™ since 2002.

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