Where pharma is investing for the future of medicine

Biopharma deal making in 2023

Amid great economic uncertainty and following a tremendous drop in biotech valuations, the atmosphere for dealmaking in the biopharma sector remains unsettled. However, with many pharmas facing sharp patent cliffs in the coming decade, these companies urgently need to replenish pipelines and access the modalities and technologies of tomorrow. Biotechs, navigating the fraught transition from seller’s market to capital drought, are eager to partner while seeking not to sell themselves short.

As a result, even with M&A activity at a decadal low, pharmas continue to place bets – often big ones – on innovative biotechs that can help them access key platforms like antibody drug conjugates and AI/machine learning.

This report examines which large pharmas are investing in what modalities and technologies through an analysis of dealmaking in 2022 and into 2023. We explore:

  • Which platforms pharmas are investing in, including ADCs, AI/machine learning, cell and gene therapies, bispecific antibodies and RNA technologies
  • The geographical scope of dealmaking and what it tells us about global innovation clusters
  • How pharmas and biotechs can maximize their opportunities and minimize risk in order to realize the next generation of medical innovations that improve patient outcomes

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