OFF-X Preclinical and Clinical Safety Intelligence

A unique translational tool providing drug and class safety intelligence to anticipate risks and drive new competitive value

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De-risk your R&D programs

Monitor and anticipate toxicology and safety signals, mitigate safety liabilities and de-risk assets across all phases of drug R&D and post-marketing.

Make confident development and investment decisions with comprehensive translational safety intelligence. OFF-X™ provides integrated preclinical toxicity data, clinical and pharmacovigilance adverse event data, visualizations and preclinical safety analytics.

How we help

  1. Benchmark safety profiles and assess risks
    Quickly understand safety liabilities of drug classes by comparing the safety profiles of your competitor’s drugs based on daily updated, manually curated data.
  2. Predict preclinical toxicity and anticipate adverse events
    Connect and integrate critical safety intelligence from early target discovery to post-marketing and patient safety to anticipate and translate toxicity and safety events derived in the lab to the clinic.
  3. Support signal detection, prioritization, and evaluation
    Reduce the time and resources required to retrieve safety intelligence needed to stay abreast of regulatory and pharmacovigilance concerns for a given drug or drug class.

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Why choose us

Comprehensive range of safety information sources and dataset

  • 2.1M+ curated safety and toxicity alerts
  • 15K+ targets and genes
  • 32K+ drugs and biologics
  • 12K+ adverse events and toxicity endpoints
  • All sourced from peer-reviewed journals, congresses, company communications, clinical trial registries, regulatory agency communications around the world and FDA, EMA, and PDMA approval packages”

User-friendly dashboards

Quickly assess critical preclinical toxicity data and preclinical safety data with user-friendly visualizations and dashboards, including:

  • Translatability dashboard to anticipate and track potential liabilities as clinical trials starts and actions to mitigate risks
  • Mechanistic safety dashboard to discover potential mechanisms behind unexpected adverse events
  • Chemistry dashboard to correlate chemical structures with safety liabilities
  • Real-world evidence dashboard to quickly assess new potential safety signals

Wide-ranging analytics and visualizations

Support R&D, clinical and pharmacovigilance teams with comprehensive safety data and analytics, including:

  • Target class score to identify and monitor emerging target class liabilities
  • Mounting evidence charts to assess the safety evidence and trends for a given drug or target-adverse event association
  • Drug score to estimate the strength of evidence supporting a given drug-adverse event association
  • Safety maps to assess and prioritize investigational target safety based on human protein interactome data

Integrate internal data and OFF-X via APIs or data feeds

  • Connect to translational safety data ecosystem through APIs or data feeds
  • Integrate with in-house data sources and modeling applications
  • Enrich and expand depth of internal resources to enable your teams to uncover hidden insights in data

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