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Ipendo is an advanced intellectual property management solution enabling organizations, large or small, to seamlessly work in partnership with their internal and external stakeholders.

Ipendo is equipped to meet efficiency and data challenges of today’s IP industry without requiring an internal IT or configuration team to support the IP departments. Ipendo also works hand-in-hand with a suite of Clarivate IP products and services to provide tight integration of renewals, forecasting, and IP intelligence.

Why choose us?

  1. Align your IP and business goals
    Make more informed decisions, faster. Ipendo helps ensure stakeholders are aligned by seamlessly integrating with your internal and external systems and partners. Get a complete overview of your portfolio and IP costs to maximize return on investment through optimized IP forecasting and budget controls.
  2. Reduce cost and administrative burden
    Cloud-based technology helps reduce IT expenditure and annual maintenance fees. Regular Ipendo software updates give users access to the latest functionality, while avoiding time-consuming IT upgrades. Easy-to-use workflows, simplify and streamline your department’s IP processes and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Collaborate internally & externally
    Connect key stakeholders, promote awareness of IP rights across the business, and enhance efficiency. Ipendo allows inventors to upload their ideas into an easy-to-access portal to avoid user errors and the need for additional licenses. Give external counsel access only to the patent families or aspects of the portfolio that they are managing.

Core features

SaaS-based flexibility

Access your IP information anywhere, anytime and on any browser through Ipendo’s secure, SaaS-based implementation.

Dashboards & visualizations

Ipendo’s intelligent dashboards and data visualizations bring your data to life through easy-to-consume charts and graphs.

Detailed forecasting

Get a complete overview of your portfolio and IP costs. Help your departments to maximize ROI through optimized IP forecasting and greater budget control.

Portfolio family trees

Quickly make changes to application families in line with organizational changes through a visual portfolio hierarchy.

Workflow engine

Easily create bespoke workflows to suite your needs with the ‘workflow engine’ tool.

Safety & security

Store and share IP documents within Ipendo so your data is secure. See a full audit trail by user and location and limit access to within your firewall.

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