Disease Strategy

Understand the nuances and gaps in the patient journey to prioritize indications with substantial unmet needs

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Is your disease strategy aligned to real-world patient clinical pathways?

Crafting a robust disease strategy requires strategic identification and prioritization of target indications, and a deep understanding of the patient needs within those target indications. From a real-world data perspective, this includes identifying the clinical pathways as patients progress through diagnosis, referral and treatment, as well as gaining a more comprehensive and practical understanding of how diseases manifest and progress in diverse patient populations.

Clarivate Real-World Data Product provides both the breadth of coverage to assess complete market trends representative of U.S. patients, and the depth to derive rich insights in rare, chronic and complex diseases.

Make early and informed decisions on target product profiles

  1. Identify and prioritize target indications with confidence

    Research the prevalence, severity, and market potential of various indications to prioritize areas with substantial unmet needs and highest potential for maximized impact

  2. Analyze the diagnosis and referral pathways your patients follow before initiating treatment

    Understand what mix of tests and diagnoses patients receive before starting treatment, where they begin and progress in their journey by managing HCP specialty and site of care, and when each step in their journey progresses forward or encounters a roadblock

  3. Map patient line of therapy progression across diverse patient subpopulations

    Analyze how disease evolves and treatment patterns change over time and dissect variations in disease manifestation across patient groups to tailor treatments to subpopulations of interest and ensure enhanced efficacy

Timely data and support to answer your key business questions

  1. Respond to market changes as they happen with high-frequency updates

    Refreshed every 10 days, Clarivate Real-World Data Product enables you to respond to market changes in near-real-time for improved brand positioning

  2. Understand market dynamics in rare, chronic, and complex disease areas with high coverage of specialty pharmaceuticals

    Our specialty pharmacy claims data covers 1000+ distinct specialty drug formulations to provide insights into patient populations suffering from chronic and rare diseases, so you can manage complex market dynamics

  3. Confidently assess growth opportunities with dedicated support from our experienced customer

    Clarivate has a dedicated customer team of data analysts, therapy experts and project managers available to assist in deriving critical insights and answering your specific business questions

Real-World Data analytics

Layer in custom analytics to derive key insights and actionable recommendations

Organizing, analyzing, and acting on insights from disparate data sources requires significant investments of time and resources.

Clarivate Real-World Data analytics complement our Real-World Data Product by activating our in-house team of experienced data scientists and consultants to help you understand how real-world patient, HCP and payer trends impact your business, and how you can prioritize initiatives to maximize ROI and take advantage of opportunities within the competitive landscape.

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