Top 100 New Brands 2023

The modern brand landscape is evolving fast. Brands, whether new or heritage, recognizable or unknown, are all operating in a multi-dimensional world where consumer preferences and purchasing behavior are dynamic, even unpredictable. Amidst these challenges, resourceful new brands are cutting through the noise. 

In Top 100 New Brands™ 2023, we identify the new brands that are navigating these challenges in the brands landscape and on the path to achieving their potential.  

Using our transformative brand IP intelligence and analytics, and trusted in-house expertise, we provide key perspectives on the new brands ‘brandscape’. 

Leaning on the Clarivate trademark library that contains more than 145 million individual trademark records, we analyzed new applications filed worldwide between 2021 and 2022 with a verbal (word) element to reveal insights, including: 

  • Regions showing the greatest volume of new brand activity 
  • Brand owners with multiple brands in the top 100 
  • Changes in new brand volume across sectors 

Download the report to view the Top 100 New Brands 2023