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Web of Science™ data is uniquely selective, based on an independent editorial process combined with over 50 years of essential, accurate and unique curation, resulting in our unparalleled data structure.  Every article from every journal has been indexed, creating a comprehensive and complete data network.

“A significant improvement over a competitor’s APIs that I had been using in the past year. … Web of Science APIs return all the metadata, including author names, affiliations, addresses, and funding sources, among others. … the quality results from the Web of Science help us not only save time, but also perform error-free geographic and social network research.”

-Rick Shang, PhD in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis

Web of Science APIs seamlessly integrate the world’s best publication and citation data, giving you flexibility and control of the highest-quality and normalized bibliometric indicators.  Power and enrich your institution’s analysis and assessment capabilities.

Web of Science Data Integration

The Clarivate Developer Portal is the central repository for information about our web services across our portfolio of products. On this page, you will find information and links to documentation about Web of Science APIs, including updated documentation for InCites™ and information about REST-based Web of Science APIs.

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What sets Web of Science data apart?

The world’s original citation index

Web of Science Core Collection™ provides cover-to-cover indexing back to 1900 across the world’s highest quality and most impactful publications.

Publisher-neutral curated quality

Our publication data are based on publications that have passed a robust evaluation and curation process by a team of experts, with in-house editors selecting content for quality and impact.

Historical depth

Over 115 years of comprehensive data so you can see the full scope of a discipline, capture the entire career of a researcher, and see the full impact of an institution.

Data completeness

We capture, index and link every piece of metadata for all items in the Web of Science Core Collection, across the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities from journals, books, and conference proceedings.


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Available APIs

Web of Science API Starter

The Web of Science™ Starter API allows for a real-time check of bibliographic metadata such as DOI, author, source title, etc., against the Web of Science Core Collection and other Web of Science databases. This enables building article-level links to the Web of Science from external systems and retrieving times cited counts from the Web of Science.

Web of Science API Lite

This API supports rich searching across the Web of Science Core Collection and retrieving core article-level metadata. Reuse this data in your public-facing applications, including institutional repositories and research networking systems.

Web of Science API Expanded

Everything in the Lite API plus additional metadata, such as author, affiliations, identifiers and funding data.


InCites is a citation-based evaluation tool for academic and government administrators to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark output against peers and aspirational peers in a national or international context. The InCites API provides article-level metrics to support integration in Research Management Systems or Current Research Information Systems (CRIS).

Web of Science API Journals

This API provides journal-level metadata and metrics for all journals in the Journal Citation Reports™ covered in the Web of Science Core Collection, including the Journal Impact Factor™ and other new metrics. Integrate journal data into your internal systems or retrieve journal indicators for bibliometrics studies.

Web of Science Researcher API

The Web of Science™ Researcher API provides access to Web of Science author record data, with advanced search and filter capabilities. Data available includes information on documents, peer reviews, and basic metrics on people in the Web of Science.

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