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InCites Benchmarking & Analytics

Confidently build your research strategy with trusted data

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is a flexible research evaluation tool that helps you easily analyze trusted data to make confident decisions about your research programs.

  • Inform strategic planning
    What academic, government, and corporate organizations produce the most impactful research?
  • Benchmark against peers
    What is my institution’s position among other research institutions around the world?
  • Demonstrate funding outcomes
    What trends exist between funders and awardees?
  • Optimize collaborations
    Who are the key opinion leaders in a particular discipline or region?

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Measure your success. Multiply your impact.

Drive your research mission forward. Get the evidence you need to inform strategic planning, benchmark against peers, demonstrate funding outcomes and optimize collaborations.

Trusted data

Advance your institution’s mission by relying on data that is accurate, objective and complete from the Web of ScienceTM Core Collection.

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Strategic insights

Be a leader in responsible research evaluation using innovative indicators developed by the Institute for Scientific InformationTM.

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Flexible reporting

Empower stakeholders across your institution to make informed decisions with multiple report options.

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90 M

publication records

2.1 B

linked citations

22 M

records with funding data

1.5 M

records with patent data

Trusted data

  • Make confident decisions based on publisher-neutral data from 1980 to present day.
  • Reference the same data used in 75% of major research evaluation initiatives around the world.
  • Demonstrate outcomes with patents and grants data sourced from Derwent Innovations Index™ and Pivot-RP.

Strategic insights

  • Evaluate research using normalized citation indicators that control for differences in institution size and topic area.
  • Enable leaders and researchers to target strategic research areas and conduct analyses against the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Conduct peer benchmarking and collaboration assessments that guide strategic plans for the future.

Flexible reporting

  • Gain insights from a flexible tool that offers both prebuilt reports for novice users and powerful capabilities for analysts.
  • Measure your progress toward open research goals and inform transformative agreement decisions.
  • Align library intelligence to researcher needs using journal level metrics and the Alma Collection Report.

Expert guidance

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) is a global team of experts focused on developing and refining bibliometric indicators and analytical approaches to research management, many of which are implemented in Web of Science and InCites Benchmarking & Analytics.

Foundational Global Research Reports:

InCites’ applies the use of Citation Topics, a categorization methodology defined in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) – Leiden.

Real World Data

What’s new in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics

Learn how to get started using self-paced learning tools and see what new enhancements have enriched the InCites platform.

Learning resources

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Analyze within your institution’s organizational structure

With the implementation of the My Organization module into InCites Benchmarking & Analytics you can retain full control of your own data and accurately evaluate researchers, departments, and research programs.

My Organization is an integrated administration module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. It enables institutions to upload researchers, teams, departments and publications so you can more granularly assess and standardize citation reporting across your institution.

  • Upload your own researcher profile data or
  • Use our Author Match Service to populate your profiles using Web of Science data.
  • Ask us how connecting profile data from your Pivot-RP or Esploro subscriptions can save you time, effort and establish consistency.

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What our customers say

InCites helps stakeholders across the research community

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is extremely versatile and can be used to answer a myriad of questions that you have about your research strategy, no matter your industry.

Academic research institution

Inform the strategic planning of resources, funding and initiatives that drive your university’s mission forward.

  • Assess research and researchers to understand impact and establish strategies for the future.
  • Analyze past awarded grants to inform strategic proposal development for new funding.
  • Identify top contributors in relevant research areas to build expert teams and strategic partnerships.

Research library

Demonstrate the value of your research institution’s output, supporting research office initiatives and goals.

  • Help researchers identify trusted journals that align to their publishing needs.
  • Support collection development policies through a holdings analysis against journals citing your authors most often and those journals your authors most often cite.
  • Conduct open access analyses to that inform transformative agreement decisions that align with your institution’s needs and values.

Government sector

Discover new investment areas by monitoring the research landscape to identify expertise and emerging research topics.

  • Conduct horizon scanning of emerging citation topics and their top performers.
  • Analyze the outcomes and impact of sponsored research.
  • Identify key opinion leaders and leading institutions to fulfil recruitment and funding opportunities.


Measure the effectiveness of your publication outputs on future research and promote your journals to increase submissions.

  • Benchmark citation performance against peer publishers.
  • Measure citation performance and compare publications to understand the most highly cited.
  • Identify trending topics and research areas based on impact measures.
  • Leverage your impact measures to promote your journals to authors.

Corporate R&D teams

Decrease time to breakthrough, pursue open innovation strategies, and maintain your competitive advantage.

  • Identify key opinion leaders and verify expertise for new recruitment.
  • Pinpoint centers of excellence and identify academic labs for collaboration.
  • Learn which organizations and researchers your competitors fund and monitor investment in topic areas.

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